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Tone King 45Watt Majesty with matching 2x12 Cabinet


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Jun 6, 2004
I have way too much gear in my new house and I need to let some of it go. This is a very cool amp that was Mark Bartell's approach to making a "Marshall type" amp. It has the added benefit of an Ironman attenuator built in as well as a super quiet effects loop. It has the matching 2x12 cabinet . This is a bit of a collectors item in that 1) there weren't a lot of these made in total and 2) the initial name of Majesty was contested and later changed to Royalist so only a very small number of the total made were shipped with the name Majesty. Its an excellent amp that is very versatile and can work well in a bedroom for practice all the way up to large venues. It can get very loud without the attenuator and it nails the classic Marshall crunch tones when you play it in this manner. It is tube rectified and falls somewhere between my old original '66 JTM45 and my original '73 ptp wired big box 1987. Asking $3K shipped via paypal. It is in excellent shape and well cared for. It will ship in the original shipping boxes and packing material which is as good a shipping and packing boxes as you will find. Email me at fleming_s@bellsouth.net for pictures of more information or questions. I am also going to be letting some instruments go as well so look for those ads to come up on the site soon. I want Les Paul forum guys to get first crack before posting this and other ads on Reverb.

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