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Vintage Old Stock

The Wedge

New member
May 3, 2009
Honestly, in my experience with Buzz's in-house tech, it's not the best place for this type of work. You'd be much better off sending the guitar to someone like Joe Glaser in Nashville. He refretted a '56 Junior for me and the work was stellar (Plek'd, too).
thanks I'll do a search for him.

I'd also say visit Mark's Guitar Loft website for a look.
Loads of members here have guitars from his shop... myself included. Plenty of R9's there for excellent prices.

You may not have a chance to play the guitar but Mark posts tone reports that are dead on.

Happy hunting

I like how he gives neck measurements also so you can get an idea of what you're working with. I need to get something to measure my guitars so I can compare. I always thought my '90 Standard had a thin neck until I tried the G0 yesterday. It almost looked weird. It had zero shoulders on it.


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Oct 28, 2005
I wouldn't rule this out. Only problem is when I fly I can barely hear the day I land!

Got one from Wildwood a coupla months ago, didn't fly or travel there. If you sample what's around locally to get a feel for your thing and DO your homework, here at The LPF :hee , give Troy a call (with computer in front of you). He's a great guy and he'll shoot ya straight. Any fears ya have (I did!), will vanish instantly! :jim

Oh, did I mention that having an absolutely mind and gut wrenching feeling about a particular one helps? :rofl