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Wiring Options?


New member
Nov 9, 2022
Looking to wire up my Les Paul to Coil Split first off. This is my first Les Paul, im used to Fender guitars. I am also thinking about wiring it for Master Volume and Master Tone with the 50s style wiring and use the other two knobs for something else. I was thinking for one instead of having two volumes have the one master volume and then have a blend knob to balance the two pickups in the middle position. I dont know if there exists a pot or a normal pot could be wired in a way where 5 is an equal blend, below 5 is favoring the bridge and above 5 favors the neck. And if this could be a no load where the feature could be turned off if just want normal functioning.

The second knob im unsure. Dont know if anybody puts both humbuckers in series. But humbuckers are already dark as they are so I dont know if this sound would sound good. Coil spliting yes though.

Also looking at the Freeway 6 way switch to accomplish the coil splitting vs push-pull pots. Just would like to get the 4 controls down to 2 for normal functioning (master tone and volume like a Telecaster) then using the other 2 knobs for other features like blend control of the two pickups, etc.