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WTB: 1982 Tim Shaw pickups and other stuff


New member
Apr 14, 2016
I am looking for Tim Shaw pickups for my 82 LPC. You may ask why am i looking for them.
Here is the story,, I had lent my LPC out to a family member doing some work and jamming. well after about a 1.5yrs i finals got the guitar back, and low and behold,, in my amazement the pickups were changed, Tuners changed, and all the original case candy gone,, GONE!@%$#

I asked WTF,, where are the parts doood? he traded them for all the new stuff changed on my guitar,, and said I really thought you were giving me the guitar,, Uuuuhhhh No! needless to say,, never again! not even a cheap import. I really,,, really hope you guys can help me out,,

I know things are only original once. So i am looking for period correct Tim Shaw pickups, gold crank winder tuners, and case candy as well. I know small short list but pretty much all unique stuff

Thanks guys!