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Hey buddy I have a 67 SG tooo....but the previous owner removed the original volume and tone knobs...the neck is kinda buzzy....frets are worn...but it does sound and play good...wish I had the money to buy it when it was new...any buzzes on the frets and neck of your SG?
Hi Werner, cool Special man! It would be a useful guitar for me as a TV Yellow sample to try and match, and I could eventually try and refinish the exposed neck area too perhaps..
If you do decide it’s superfluous, I’d be into buying it, so please keep me in mind.
Many thanks, Yuuki.

I think that i would be interested if you are thinking about a selling. PM me if so.

Love Seventies and Eighties Pop, Pop Rock, New Wave and AOR. I only discuss music I own.
Hi I’ve got a les Paul but I’m getting conflicting dates of when it was made. Can someone help. It’s 00352578
That guitar could have been built in 1976. the ‘00’ in front of six digits is indicative of this. Or...was it built in 2002??? the system that was introduced in 1977 used the first and fifth digit as the year, the second third and fourth digits were the day of the year and the last three digits would be the batch number. If it s this numbering sysytem, your guitar was stamped on the 35th day of 2002.
Well took the leap today... had an Ibanez SB1200 double neck that was stolen by a repair shop whose owner had a drug problem back around 1999-2000. Missed that guitar, so I finally coughed up the bucks and ordered a EDS 1275 from the custom shop. I think that will make up for the 21 year absence in my arsenal.
Hey just wondering if you still have the gepetto humbuckers for sale??
No sir, gone a long time ago. I guess I forgot to delete. Sorry.
Hi everyone, I have a 1970 Les Paul custom. which I'd like to sell, but the pickups have been replaced with shecters , how much is it worth without those original pups , cheers and great forum by the way

Reaching out to you here out of a bit of desperation. I stumbled upon your post where you were trying to sort out some transformer details on a 1970's Gibson Les Paul Signature Model Bass, and that you have your own transformer company, correct?

Did you ever have any luck in sorting this all out?

Any info would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Now that all my rowdy buddies have finished their Covid vaccinations, been reconfiguring the studio for starting up face to face rehearsals again after a year. We're all in our 70s now and that's a year none of us is ever going to get back.
I have followed with interest. What is the asking price together and separately, also where are they located.


22k as a set, so far haven't priced them separately as we have loads of interest as a set. Located in Virginia.