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Hi, I would really appreciate some advice and guidance if possible please.

I am currently watching two Ebony Les Paul Standards on reverb.com. One is 1989 model in what appears excellent condition. The other is a 1995 model also in very good condition . The 1989 is listed at a slightly higher price, but I am unsure without playing either, which would be the better guitar to buy or better to invest Any advice?
Tired of Covid-19 in our lives.Put Faith n USA & the medical world.Billions of shots later most positive outcome. We should have beaten already.LockDown shut the world out till our country is .001% infectious rate USA be a total safe zone.
I survived 2 hospital stays w pneumonia. Couldn'tAlmost died. If I catch. I'll Die. I'll take anything CDC says will protect me & my fellow man 2keep this from spreading.RockNFnRol
A 68 50th reissue LP Custom popped up on reverb for a good price

"Now, don't hang on
Nothin' lasts forever but the earth and sky
It slips away
And all your money won't another minute buy"

--From the song "Dust In The Wind" by Kansas.
Do you think Greg Lake is a good bass player? He was the bass player for King Crimson and Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Hi there! I'm looking for a Gibson Les Paul Classic 2004 Manhattan Midnight Limited Edition.. Maybe someome know one or has one? It is a my dream guitar and im lloking for years..

Would like to get in touch regarding Burst Serial # 0 0975 which you sold to Russel Groves! I am the current owner and would like to find out a bit more on the guitars history!

you can email me domingo426@gmail.com

I asked the question re the ES serial numbers and got an answer from Mat but in a lot of cases this is not correct and so still remains a mystery unfortunately.
Hi Werner, I saw your comments. I have not withdrawn from the public and in fact am more plugged in than ever...just not here.

Yes, Joe Ganzler and Tom Whittrock have relatively disappeared.

Catch me on Instagram to keep up with my shenanigans. Abalone Vintage & Eric Ernest

Here's a fun video from a few weeks back. LOL!

Stay safe out there!

All the Best, eric
I saw the Fool SGs you painted on the forum. Do you still paint them?
Hey man, do you know anyone who owns a 1997 Gibson custom shop Ace Frehley 300 series LP that they might sell?
Hi Rich. I have a friend who does not participate in forums like this…but does view them occasionally and has seen your V for sale and is interested. If you don’t mind messaging me offline so I can provide his contact info to you…or if you would prefer providing yours to me for him to reach out to you, that would be fine as well. my email address is: hurtwood58@gmail.com. My name is Josh. Thanks.
Hey buddy I have a 67 SG tooo....but the previous owner removed the original volume and tone knobs...the neck is kinda buzzy....frets are worn...but it does sound and play good...wish I had the money to buy it when it was new...any buzzes on the frets and neck of your SG?