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  1. 67blackcherry

    Harrison/Clapton Lucy bites it...see if you wince too

    If you're a massive fan then YES. If you're a causal fan then YES. It is quite long and arduous but still fascinating to see them working - warts and all. Just like every one else, I winced when I saw Lucy hit the ground.
  2. 67blackcherry

    Ronn David's sweet Cherry '58

    Ronn David - I purchased my first R8 from his store, way back in '98...great guy, does he still own that red '58 and whatever happened to his store?
  3. 67blackcherry

    Cunetto Relic for sale? I'm always looking...

    Greetings I'm always looking for Cunetto Relics - I've got a rather extensive collection, currently at 11, but... if it's the right guitar I'll buy it - please reach out to me - thanks!
  4. 67blackcherry


    What an entrance (albeit a few years back) and what a great story! Yes, by all means, have Charlie take some photos - he's an amazing photographer and really knows how to capture the beauty of the burst!!
  5. 67blackcherry

    Factory Black 1957 Les Paul Special

    I'm sure that's a very rare bird indeed but I'll still stick with the TV Yellow!
  6. 67blackcherry

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    One monthin in and nada; disappointing thread is disappointing.
  7. 67blackcherry

    1952, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 57 Goldtops (sorry, no 58 Goldtop)

    BRILLIANT!! If you could only keep one.... which one and why?
  8. 67blackcherry

    '58 Burst in South Africa

    WOW - that flame, that burst... she's stunning!!!
  9. 67blackcherry

    NVD My 1959 Flying V

    Thanks for the link from Instagram... WOW....JUST WOW..... That's quite the score and also great news about your wife! As crappy as 2020 was, there were some bright shiny moments and you scoring that V was one of them - CONGRATS!!!!
  10. 67blackcherry

    Five favorite guitarists with Custom

    Yup - Steve Perry sang with Journey!
  11. 67blackcherry


    Stunning guitars - here's my fav, 9-1981 - that's the year I graduated from high school, I'd been reading the Gruhn newsletter for a while and trying to convince my parents to loan me $8K+/- to buy a guitar. My brother (2yrs older) was trying to convince them to loan him $25K to buy a Ferrari...
  12. 67blackcherry

    Brazilian boards - 2003 only or 2002 also?

    Did the Historic line have Brazilian boards in 2003 only? Thanks.
  13. 67blackcherry

    Are the 2014 R9's really all that?

    Greetings - I've got a little $$$ coming my way; my 20yo daughter wrecked my (first real performance) car, a 2007 Audi A3 S-line that I absolutely loved. I want to purchase a guitar to remind me of that great little car. She's ok, by the way. I've heard so much about the 2014 R9's (and R8's)...
  14. 67blackcherry

    Hey Joe B...rig rundown of the new BCC album please??

    Anxiously awaiting the new material with that stellar group of musicians - just wondering which guitars/amps/pedals were your favoured weapons of choice? If you're not too busy....Thanks in advance...