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"Gonna order the wizz set and see what happens"

Hey, was searching out any postings on this set, just seeing if you ended up getting these installed and what your impressions are on them?! and which magnets/options did you go with?
I have the Throbak PG's and used to have Wizz Premium's (standard set) but was interested in going back to Wizz for the PG's.

I respect you to giving your thought on this bewildering profile that is about IT subcontractors and Big information assists in finding with keying patterns and better decision-production as it alludes to a lot of verifiable information.
Can you send me a copy or send me to a link for the 68 ledger page? I have a custom with a 89961X serial number. Thanks
Tyler man, it’s Alex that is deployed. I’m coming home next week and want to give you a chance on shipping my order. Come on man. You had a good reputation and hope you make good on this
Tyler I have tried making contact with and am offering you a chance at making this right. If you want to send the harness and keep the cash I am fine with that. I understand we all go through tough times more than most people. If you just want to issue a refund then just give me the the refund. The choice is yours. Good luck man and I hope you make it through whatever you are going through. Be safe man