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    Why do some people hate vintage guitars?

    I don't think it's hate as much as jealousy or envy. Many folks just think they are overpriced and are kicking themselves for not buying one back when they were't crazy expensive. I remember seeing a beat to hell '50s Strat hanging on a wall in the early 90's for $2K. "Who would pay $2K for that...
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    Looks like there's a new model/body shape in town, the Theodore

    The natural one looks cool but I don't like it at that price. $5K does not sound "affordable" to me as mentioned in the video above but it comes with some nice swag.
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    Found a NOS/Unplayed 2001 R8 with insane flamed top. What color is this?

    Case ain't original for an '01 R8. Just sayin.
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    does the gold in a goldtop stifle the tone ???

    ^^ You're forgetting the all gold ones, which totally entomb the tone similar to truss rod sleeves :)
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    90s "good wood " era vs post 2013 era ....... ?

    I like to think of the post 2012 models as the "good glue" era. :)
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    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Hi Mat and thanks for all the info! When a guitar is advertised as being "hand painted by Tom Murphy," is he using the new lacquer formula that is used by his Lab or the regular formula that is used on regular Custom Shop models? Thanks again!
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    Oh boy ..... I have heard there are problems with the Murphy labs.

    “The guitars themselves are basically just Historic reissues”, he reveals, “so every guitar in our Murphy Lab collection is the same as our regular ’59 Standard, with hide-glue neck and body joints. The only thing that’s going to differ is the lacquer and level of ageing." - Mat Koehler...
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    Oh boy ..... I have heard there are problems with the Murphy labs.

    That's a new one. Got any pics showing the flaking on a non-ML? That could be an even bigger problem.
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    Oh boy ..... I have heard there are problems with the Murphy labs.

    Were'd you hear this? So far, I've only heard it was a problem with some of the the ML aged guitars with the cherry backs.
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    Murphy Lab Les Paul; The Big review !

    Nice Mike ^ That was a dumb thing to say ("we were just copying rich people’s un-special Bursts.") All Mat needed to say was the CC project had run its course, which I think it had. I can imagine that remark will cost them a few sales. Personally, I don't think the upcharge is worth it since...
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    old lookin' Murphy Lab Les Paul and...

    Looks great, congrats! Still wondering with the big price increase, if you think the new finish does anything to affect the tone? I had a couple CC models that were heavily aged and thought they had something special going on that might be due to the finish. A bit more acoustic ring to them...
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    Did covid-19 increase the value of the 1960 60th Anniversary LP?

    The lukewarm reception of the Murphy Lab guitars so far might be a bigger factor in the rise in values of the Anniversary models IMO.
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    Gibson Custom Shop | Introducing the Murphy Lab

    I was hoping the heavier aged ones would have this effect (photo from Eric Ernest/Abalone Vintage)
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    Recent R9s / R8s with darker "wine red" back color

    I assumed the darker red backs were more like the originals when they were new?
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    R0 Anniversary with V1 neck