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  1. Aaron59

    Counterfeits seized at Dulles Airport

  2. Aaron59

    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    Question for Forum Members: What’s the one guitar that invokes a deep, visceral, nauseating reaction when you look at it? For me it’s the Dave Grohl Trini Lopez 335.
  3. Aaron59

    2014 Gibson Custom Les Paul Benchmark

    Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Benchmark Limited Run Just wanted to share a few photos of my 2014 LP benchmark '59 reissue. The benchmarks didn't get a whole lot of press (and still don't) but I think Gibson Custom really nailed it with this run. Sounds great - it’s snappy, articulate and...
  4. Aaron59

    Dean Delray - Let There Be Talk

    Not sure if anyone here on this forum has listened to this guy's podcasts - but he's absolutely entertaining, very funny, and his topics relate to this forum (music, motorcycles, Les Pauls, etc.). His podcast from this past Monday (1/20/20) was excellent. He interviewed Kirk Hammett and they...
  5. Aaron59

    Reverb.com concern

    I've about had it with Reverb.com. Their fees are excessive and it takes too long to get a payout. Every time I reach out to customer service they blow smoke up my #ss. Anyone had luck with an alternative on-line marketplace?
  6. Aaron59

    When will Gibson Custom reintroduce fading tops?

    Silly question - but each year Gibson Custom claims to come out with the most authentic burst reproduction since the real thing - so why haven't they reintroduced tops with fading aniline dye like the originals?
  7. Aaron59

    60th anniversary 1959 Les Pauls - Indian Rosewood vs. Bolivian Rosewood

    Does anyone have any additional info on why Gibson Custom is offering two different fingerboard woods on the 2019 '59 reissue run? What are the tonal differences between east indian rosewood and bolivian rosewood? Import/export issues? Aesthetics?
  8. Aaron59

    '57 Classics: Where's the love?

    I recently put '57 Classic pickups back in my CS-336 after using a fairly expensive, and well-known PAF replica. I also have '57 Classic pickups in my Gibson Custom 335. I have to say, they sound better in my CS-336 and Custom Shop 335 than the other after-market PAFs. How could this be, I...
  9. Aaron59

    Current Brazilian Supply

    Where's all the current Brazilian wood coming from? 10 years ago, and after the DOJ raid on Gibson in 2011, Brazilian went the way of the dodo bird. Now it's back. Anyone know?
  10. Aaron59

    R9 Neck Size - they’re too big

    Elephant in the room: Current ‘59 historics have neck sizes that are more like a ‘58. ~.9-1.0” for ‘58 vs. ~.85-95” for ‘59 (dimensions are for example only). Understanding that originals were across the board. Which dimensions best represent a ‘59 profile? For those of you who have played...
  11. Aaron59

    Collector’s Choice

    What’s your favorite Collector’s Choice? Been real happy with my Nicky the last few years.
  12. Aaron59

    Gibson Custom vs Gibson USA

    If you're a good guitar player, why not just play a Gibson USA Les Paul Standard? Is Gibson Custom a money grab? Why bother with historics? Vanity? Bragging rights? High paying white collar job? Quest for a '59-esque dream? How about just get a run of the mill Les Paul and call it good?
  13. Aaron59

    "Benchmark" Reissues

    Can anyone provide some information on the "Benchmark" Les Pauls distributed by certain dealers (e.g., Music Zoo, Wildwood, etc.) in 2014? How are they different from the regular R7/R8/R9/R0 reissues? And if you own one - how do they stand up with the other Gibson Custom reissues? I.E., other...