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  1. akstrat61

    1959 Killer Top Lee Roy Parnell

    Super cool top!
  2. akstrat61

    A Pictorial review of every burst Joe B. has ever played on stage...

    I know this is an old thread, but it would be cool to get an update? Maybe too many to count? How bout it Mike? Also, maybe Charlie can post a few recent Picts?
  3. akstrat61

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Mat, Any chance the Custom Shop will be doing tours soon? I'm traveling to Nashville to see Clapton in about a week or so and would love to make the CS a stop! Please DM if that is a possibility. Mark
  4. akstrat61

    Joe B. at Red Rocks 2021

    Those are some stunning shots! I love the variety of guitars! Any 335's those shows?
  5. akstrat61

    Clapton's amps through the years

    Going to see him in Nashville in a couple weeks. I expect to see Vibrokings, but you never can tell.
  6. akstrat61

    Three Tele's - 52 Blackguard, 57 Whiteguard, 66 Custom

    Mike, you truly have some stellar guitars! Love the BG's! The closest I came was a '58 Esquire.
  7. akstrat61


    Love the looks of that cab! It screams Rock-n-Roll!
  8. akstrat61

    Finally Got my 1949 Fender Deluxe Back!

    Cool amp!
  9. akstrat61

    Mapleflame Mod on a LP R8 2013

    I too remember this thread. I suggested back then the the mods make it a sticky. That much I remember? What I didn’t do was the mod itself? I may have a project for next week!
  10. akstrat61

    1953 Fender Telecaster

    Congrats! That is the bomb!
  11. akstrat61

    New Gibson Korina Explorer & Flying V annnounced!

    I stand corrected! My apologies.
  12. akstrat61

    New Gibson Korina Explorer & Flying V annnounced!

    For me, the guitars look very nice! And, I’m sure they play and sound great. But, I can’t get over the pricing structure? Not sure any other market other than guitars are doing this? Just wondering if the car market put out a replica of a 1965 Ford Mustang, could they sell it for 200K, maybe...
  13. akstrat61

    1956 Les Paul basket case Conversion.

    Very cool transformation!
  14. akstrat61

    Any Love for the `80's Super Champ?

    I also had one back in the day. Never could bond with a single 10 amp? Just not enough balls and bottom end. Now two tens and you're in business. I even had to put a new baffle and 12 inch in my 68 PR, now you're getting close! MHO
  15. akstrat61

    Burst 9-1998

    So sad that the market has this shit going on!