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  1. Big Al

    The Big Al Good Mojo thread

    Useless and worthless is everything but my mind. I know how to do everything I can no longer do. I'm just a flippin' book now. You cannot know how pathetic it is. I don't exist. I am a stranger. All gone. Wasted
  2. Big Al

    The Big Al Good Mojo thread

    Not doing well and in constant pain. Pretty worthless, all told. I hang in there and I can deal with pain but being useless sucks your soul away.
  3. Big Al

    Are Custombuckers 2018 potted “better” than unpotted pickups 2019/20?

    Again, that is two different pups. What interests me is how you can heard any difference due to the coil solidification from potting. I have potted many, as I've said, and cannot hear any difference in tone and certainly no difference in sensitivity or dynamics. I've never met a person who...
  4. Big Al

    Are Custombuckers 2018 potted “better” than unpotted pickups 2019/20?

    So you compare two very, very different pups and it's the potting you hear? I've potted many Ttops and never heard any difference in tone other than the lack of annoying artifacts, whistles and howls, high gain or not.
  5. Big Al

    What to expect from a light Les Paul?

    I'm sorry, Ren all you have is a bunch of lightweights. You claim they were not bought because of weight, yet there they are. I don't know how to be clearer, I have yet to find a lightweight solidbody Les Paul or any other model that have great tone. They may sound fine all alone but when...
  6. Big Al

    Cream colored Les Paul Standard?

    They have made Ivory or White Standards at various times. Not a common color.
  7. Big Al

    59 reissue vs. standard 60’s

    How is this your choice??? Very, very different guitars with vastly different feel. Seems to me that if you're considering one it rules out the other. No offence but you seem to know very little, not just these two ranges, but about Les Pauls. The knowledgeable experienced player would know...
  8. Big Al

    What to expect from a light Les Paul?

    I bet you think you're alone. I'll stack my 50yrs in retail and repair up against yours. You may have a fine guitar, but I have never found a sub 8lb Les Paul with great tone. Every single person I know of who bought a balsa paul did so on weight alone. I've seen it. Now if you claim you...
  9. Big Al

    Do we like 1974 Les Paul Customs?

    Lot's of us are pretty keen on early 70's Kalamazoo made Les Pauls. Customs from 70-74 are hot right now, for good reason.
  10. Big Al

    Boogie in a box?

    Just get a good flippin OVERDRIVE pedal. I toured with a Blues Jr and they are great. Any good overdrive stomp box will get you there. You're overthinking this. Forget all the stupid tube in a box crap. A good overdrive with that amp will do it, provided you set the amp correctly. I use a...
  11. Big Al

    2013 R9 Historic from Vic Dapra Collection

    .... played very little ..... just another barbie with a pumped up hype sales pitch. It's top and well, .... just top and came from Vic's fsr for his store.
  12. Big Al

    Do we like 1974 Les Paul Customs?

    We? WE??? Have you read any of the gazzillion threads on 70-75 Customs? WE did.
  13. Big Al

    Should I purchase a Guild 12 string acoustic guitar?

    The best 12 string acoustic guitar, imo. I used a jumbo maple arched back F50 for decades and it was superb. Hard on the fingers for long sessions but you get used to it. Tuning is a pain but they hold pitch well. The Ovation is really nice and plays well but I find I like the electric sound...
  14. Big Al

    New Les Paul Tv Special binding separation, wood cracking or normal?

    Get off your Epiphone bullshit. They are not what you keep pushing so knock it off. If you think they are so great get one and go.
  15. Big Al

    What to expect from a light Les Paul?

    I compared so many. I have a store with huge inventory and as with all my guitars, they let me choose from many, many until I find what I like. I have not found a very light Les Paul that could compete with the moderately light 8.8-9.2 lb ones I ended up with. I know guys with sub 8lb...