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Recent content by Billy Porter

  1. Billy Porter

    Left Handed Les Pauls?

    Stupid questions but........................on right hand models the volume control works clockwise to turn the volume up. Should it be anti-clockwise on a lefty or is it just something that's not noticed ?
  2. Billy Porter

    NGD: Direct from Gibson’s Website

    Dis this come direct from Gibson and if so I wonder what the dealers think about Gibson selling direct to customers
  3. Billy Porter

    Ben Franklin wasn't a very good Founding Father...

    Ivan May said: I would say his rivalry with Thomas Edison, who also had very radical ideas, but both were responsible for the light bulb, records, tv sets, etc. If you ignore Joseph Swan (light bulb) and John Logie Baird (Television).
  4. Billy Porter

    Do we like 1974 Les Paul Customs?

    I've had to suffer my 74 custom for the last 38 years. People constantly telling me what a lovely guitar its is and what a good sound. 2 even asking to buy it. Now I find that it's worth nearly 10 times what I paid for it The sufferance indeed. ;)
  5. Billy Porter

    Godzilla's '59??

    We just need Stock-hippy and Nicolsveria (something like that lol) to return for a nostalgic trip down memory lane :rolleyes:
  6. Billy Porter

    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    The only guitar that made me 'sick to my stomach' was a customer's who would bring it to restrung about once a month. Rusty strings and crud everywhere, you had to scrape the grime off the fretboard. Anything else is just different designs/preferences/taste
  7. Billy Porter

    Flintstones Theme Song - Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe

    Wonderful. Love these videos and am envious of your playing,
  8. Billy Porter

    1983 Lefty Ibanez Artist

    A worked in a music store in the 70s and early 80's and sold lots of Artists and other Ibanez guitars. I really regret not buying a cream Artist when I had the chance back then. Great guitars
  9. Billy Porter

    Who’s got (and kept) COVID hair?

    My wife has been cutting mine with scissors and doing a good job. I've had lots of 'professional' cuts a lot worse. No need for holiday or football conversations lol I haven't used shampoo for about 4 years - no need to if you don't add gloop to its
  10. Billy Porter

    Your Worst Concert Ever

    I may upset a few here but.........The Stones at St James' Park Newcastle June 1982. The songs just went on and on. The local press reported that bootleggers were selling tickets for £100 ( a lot of dosh back then). Tried to sell mine but the bootleggers had wads of them and selling them for...
  11. Billy Porter

    Nugent's TWO bursts up for auction

    I'm in my sixties and possibly due to this bloody pandemic don't play anywhere near the amount of time playing that I used to. It's hard to get the same motivation knowing that a gig or rehearsal is still a fair way off. A First World problem - I've only a small collection of guitars that...
  12. Billy Porter

    Where's Tom Wittrock ?

    Hi Just wondering where Tom Wittrock is nowadays. Doesn't seem to post and is no longer Host on the vintage section. Just curious.
  13. Billy Porter

    The Ikeacaster - when Norlin met Ikea

    Mods: remove if not allowed Thought I'd post some piccies of my latest project If Norlin and Ikea had merged this is what they would have made. I made this from the wreckage of my old Ibanez Blazer and 2 Ikea chopping boards. I accept it's amateurish compared to real Luthier's work but the...
  14. Billy Porter

    Back to the Future. The ABR returns

    Hi I finally put the ABR back on the guitar after lying in the case for the last 32 years. It needed some work and it may be my imagination but it seems to sound a lot better – can’t tell too much yet though as I also put new strings on. It came with an Ibanez bridge which lay loosely on the...
  15. Billy Porter

    A cover up

    I thought that as she’s 41/42 years of age a bit of modesty might be needed so......................... It came to me with the covers in the case in '85 (30years ago :wow) Cleaned up the covers, a quick bit of soldering and voila It's hard to tell from the above photo but the covers are...