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  1. Brent13

    Krusty the Clown

    Get down with the clown!
  2. Brent13

    Nashville to ABR-1 Conversion

    Thanks! I'll check Faber out.
  3. Brent13

    Nashville to ABR-1 Conversion

    Recently bought a late model Gibson Explorer and it has a Nashville Bridge. Every Gibson I've ever owned has had an ABR-1 bridge. It's purely aesthetic but I prefer the look of the ABR-1. Any suggestions to convert the bridge to an ABR-1?
  4. Brent13

    NGD 2019 Gibson Explorer

  5. Brent13

    The Black Crowes May 2022

    I gotta admit I miss Marc Ford.
  6. Brent13

    2018 SG Junior

    Has anyone had any experience with a 2018 SG Junior? They look nice but was wondering if anyone had the chance to review the playability, sound?
  7. Brent13

    Steinberger Tuner - Firebird Question

    Recently bought a set of Steinberger tuners for my Custom Shop '64 Firebird III Reissue. I'm installing them and I'm a little surprised how loosely the shaft of the tuner fits into the existing hole in the peghead. The Steinberger specs say they require a 10mm hole and the hole in the...
  8. Brent13

    Amp Show Videos

    I remember there was a post here a few years ago showing several "comparison" videos from an amplifier show. Greg Germino played in most of the videos putting various amps, Germino, Rhinehardt, Goodsell, Swart, etc through their paces. (I remember he kept coming back to the riff from "Free...
  9. Brent13

    Where Can I Get Thumbwheels?

    I've seen several threads regarding using double thumbwheels to help correct forward leaning bridge posts and I'd like to give it a try. However I haven't been able to find any for sale at my usual online spots. Anybody know where I can find "Historic Spec" thumbwheels for sale? Thanks!