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    Very sad news!
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    Amps you sold but should have kept

    Early '70s Fender Silverface Princeton Reverb. It was the first amp I bought (high school.)
  3. Brent13

    GOTW Steinburger tuners

    Try Stewmac https://www.stewmac.com/parts-and-hardware/tuning-machines/solid-peghead-guitar-tuning-machines/steinberger-gearless-tuners/
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    When I lived in California they advised people to engrave their Drivers License Number into valuable items in case they were stolen. I sold a couple of guitars (a '80s blue Fender American Standard Strat and an 80s Cherry Sunburst Les Paul Standard) in case anybody got them wonders why they...
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    To pickguard or not?

    I personally prefer On!
  6. Brent13

    To pickguard or not?

  7. Brent13

    Favorite Fulltone pedal?

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    NGD Rickenbacker 660 wide neck

    Wow! Wished I knew this model existed. I bought a 620/12 several months ago but (granted I'm "ham fisted") found it almost unplayable due to the narrow neck. Hopefully I will can a 660/12 to replace it.
  9. Brent13

    2006 Historic SG Pickups

    Anybody know which pickups Gibson spec'd for a 2006 Historic VOS SG?
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    Krusty the Clown

    Get down with the clown!
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    Nashville to ABR-1 Conversion

    Thanks! I'll check Faber out.
  12. Brent13

    Nashville to ABR-1 Conversion

    Recently bought a late model Gibson Explorer and it has a Nashville Bridge. Every Gibson I've ever owned has had an ABR-1 bridge. It's purely aesthetic but I prefer the look of the ABR-1. Any suggestions to convert the bridge to an ABR-1?
  13. Brent13

    NGD 2019 Gibson Explorer