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  1. Bwayno

    Fender Super 60 Head

    For being thirty years old, this amp did not have very much wrong with it. It is not the easiest one to work on since the PCB is mounted foil side up. It only needed one opto-coupler but I wanted all three to be the same. Only two filter caps were out of spec (which may have overheated the...
  2. Bwayno

    Fender Super 60 Head

    I recently bought this Amp from GC. The price was right at $300 but it had a few problems. It uses Opto-couplers for gain switching and goes from clean to over drive with the press of a button. Two of them had been replaced and a third was weak, so I replaced all three. All the jacks are...
  3. Bwayno

    TWINrri guts etc.

    For comparison, I also have a Silver Face Duel Showman Reverb built in "71". The chassis is identical to the Twin Reverb but is rated at 100W instead of 85. It also needed the volume pots replaced. These amps are very similar but I run the Showman head with 2 x 15 JBL cabinet
  4. Bwayno

    TWINrri guts etc.

    I have a Fender 65 Twin Reverb Reissue built in "92". It had scratchy volume control pots when I bought it several years ago, so I replaced them. All the front panel controls and jacks except for the bright switches are soldered directly to a printed circuit board. They snap in place and then...
  5. Bwayno

    The Fabled Les Paul/Gibson tuning issues?

    I have a Gibson LP Classic, a ES 335 Studio and an Epi LP Custom and never have had a problem with any of them staying in tune!
  6. Bwayno

    New(er) Epi LP...anyone else impressed lately?

    I bought a 2017 Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Custom 100th Anniversary in Antique Natural. It is the prettiest guitar I have ever owned with its gold plated hardware and fancy inlays. But the best part about this instrument is how great it sounds with its pro-bucker pickups. It is made in...
  7. Bwayno

    Gibson LP classic 2020 weight and bridge..

    I bought one of these in heritage cherry burst in November. It is rather heavy weighing just over nine pounds. The bridge doesn't look exactly square or strait but is deceiving because of the curvature of the surface. The intonation couldn't be better with no buzzing. This is my best...