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  1. clearmudd

    75 LP Deluxe - tuners?

    The double ring tuners that was used in the '70s are hard to come by (hard to find the correct color tip), and should one get busted it becomes obvious why they are replaced with a complete set. There should be a stockpile of them some place as Grovers often took their place during that period.
  2. clearmudd

    2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard 1957 "Wildwood" COA by Rick Gembar

    Rick Gembar was fired in June 2017..........doesn't mean that they quit using the COA's because Rick was gone. I'm sure there are a lot of COA's with Ricks name on them issued long after Mr. Gembar left the building. Just Google Rick Gembar and a link to a LPF thread will show up.
  3. clearmudd

    Oh boy ..... I have heard there are problems with the Murphy labs.

    This is a Sweetwater return they are selling at a reduced price...the pics show the flaking and lifting of the finish.
  4. clearmudd

    Help me identify this humbucker

    I can say that if the pole screws are in the wider spaced holes it's a bridge pup.... more likely a 498T if it has ceramic magnets a 500T If the pole screws are in the narrow spaced holes it's a neck pup,...more likely a 490R '57s are PAF replicas,....so they will not have the extra set of...
  5. clearmudd

    what was Gibson thinking when they designed the Burstbuckers ?

    All my LPs have their original pups.........P90s,...490-496,...BurstBuckers,... CustomBuckers,...and T-Tops.....I love them all. They all have their own character,...and i have a purpose for them all. The thing is you need to learn to use all them knobs....even on the amp.....but most...
  6. clearmudd

    2013 Les Paul Standard Plastic and Nitro Finish? With Pics

    I like the new color........ That's awesome! I have a 2013 Standard too. It's on the floor with the headstock facing to the left... Cherry Sunburst. No chips though..........i ain't got no dip.
  7. clearmudd

    Some CS 59 questions on modding

    I would search out a spectacular 2012 with the two piece fretboard for the project. Most 2012 R9s can be found for less than average R7s..... Just a thought. I got my 2012 R9 (avatar) for cheap a couple of years back for HM project,....but fell in love with it and had no desire to change a...
  8. clearmudd

    My R7 is here, Serial Number decoding please.

    The serial suggest it is a 2012 or a 2002..... if it is either case it has Burstbucker pickups. 2012 will have the Bi-Layered fretboard. The 2002 will not. A pic of the control cavity and close up of the fretboard inlays would help. In any regard it's a nice GT R7. 7 = '57 reissue 2= Year...
  9. clearmudd

    It Might Get Loud (Page, Edge, White)

    Yeah that's a cool doc. and you have to give Jack some credit,.... he's a hack who got lucky..... can't be jelly for that. He's like that 2x4 with a single string..... 🤣 Page and The Edge put a lot of work in their field......... both are more similar than not. I wish the film had more...
  10. clearmudd

    lets talk about back colors .......

    These are photos of real deal 50s gold tops, three different ones and not one is red. And where is a photo of your red back Historic.
  11. clearmudd

    CC owners - What's Your Number?

    The image i posted earlier (#171) is not my CC#28 A 121, i tried to delete it but failed, these images are the right one. The other guitar is a 2014 R8 lemon burst. My apologies:salude
  12. clearmudd

    Anybody Out There Have A CC#15?

    this is my CC#28 a Montrose '58, when you can find one they are fairly reasonably priced. And there is the Mick Ralphs '58 CC#43 that was a recent release i believe.
  13. clearmudd

    Manufacturing/finish issue on brand new guitar - What should I do?

    this is brand new from the factory.......high end Custom Shop Collectors Choice..........Oh My!..........:spabout the sharpie sounds like a good idea.