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Recent content by Dave P

  1. Dave P

    David Ellefson Fired From Megadeth!

    That's some old news. He has already recorded and released a record with another band, The Lucid.
  2. Dave P

    We hear a lot about Super Strat's what about Super Les Paul's?

    Not like a Les Paul, but the Charvel 750XL was shaped like a Jackson Soloist, had a thick mahogany body and maple cap like a Les Paul, 24.75 scale, locking trem, 24 frets. Shawn Lane used one on Powers of Ten.
  3. Dave P

    Damn....Why can't I play like........

    Allan Holdsworth. I take what bits I can actually play of his and try to incorporate it into my thing, whatever that is. I'm OK with not being able to cop his thing, I don't have 2 lifetimes to try to figure all that out. LOL
  4. Dave P

    Heritage core H-150 vs Eastman Eastman SB59/v ..... anyone do a shootout ?

    The quality of the Heritage stuff has gotten a lot better since Edwin has been there. But, I've tried a few 150's that have been around 10 lbs, not what my trashed shoulders want to deal with.
  5. Dave P

    PRS McCarty (Les Paul-ish)

    It'll never sound just like a Les Paul no matter what you do to it, as the scale is different, the mahogany body is thinner, thicker maple top, etc. But they are great guitars, they have their own voice.
  6. Dave P

    Charvel model series

    I've owned a ton of them back when the were cheap, still have a model 2 and a 5. I also have a few toothpaste logo Charvels.
  7. Dave P

    Westone Prestige 250

    Nabbed this old '80's Westone Prestige 250 recently. Saw it in a shop, plugged it in and played it for 2 hours. LOL The pickups actually sound really good. The coolest feature are the tone knobs. They have a center detent. Roll it left and it works as a regular tone control, roll it right and...
  8. Dave P

    Cleaning 1974 Les Paul custom treated with 10000 cigarettes

    The late Pete Alenov hipped me to Novus back in the '80's. It does work pretty good.
  9. Dave P

    Any Love for the `80's Super Champ?

    I've had 3 of them, killer little amps. I know there are better speaker options out there now than what is in those amps.
  10. Dave P

    Tall black pickup rings?

    These aren't bad at all for $16 https://www.philadelphialuthiertools.com/mounting-rings/vintage-size-butyrate-m-69-humbucker-mounting-ring-set-black/
  11. Dave P

    1984 Charvel

    The tone is chunky, not thin at all. I replaced the Kahler rollers recently and it helped the sustain. I believe it has a SD 59n/JB setup
  12. Dave P

    Crowther Hot Cake appreciation.

    I bought one eons ago direct from Crowther, it had a toggle switch on it instead of the presence control. Not sure why I sold it. Been tempted to grab another one.
  13. Dave P

    MusicMan Silhouette Special

    I have one from the '90's that has the Wilkinson VSVG trem. Stock pickups sound fine.
  14. Dave P

    FGN Guitars

    I have a FGN NCLS 10. For the money, it smokes any Les Paul Studio which would be comparable price-wise.
  15. Dave P

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    Dean Markley CD60. Sold it to get a Mesa Boogie. Realized shortly after I got the Boogie that I liked the Dean Markley better. Fast forward 35 years, I was feeling nostalgic and decided to pick up a old CD60 again. Sounds as good as I remembered.