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Recent content by Dave P

  1. Dave P

    Fattest necks you have played?

    The first Jeff Beck Strats had necks that were gargantuan. A friend had a late 30's Gibson archtop with the biggest neck I've ever played. It had to have been 1-1/4" thick at least.
  2. Dave P

    Shop royally messed up refret job - Let them correct the error or find a better one?

    Stainless frets need to be bent to the exact radius of the board. No overbending, or you could have problems with the middle of the fret popping up. They are not forgiving like nickel frets.
  3. Dave P

    Vantage Avengers

    I have one that I picked up for a C-note a couple years ago. It's beat to shit, but plays and sounds really good. Totally stock except I put a Roland GK midi pickup on it and a string damper and have been using it with my guitar synth and VG88. Pretty decent guitar to be honest.
  4. Dave P

    'Burst Believers' FB Page

    Great job on the FB page David and Vic!
  5. Dave P

    Arthritis Exercises. Helpful Advice

    Hopefully you can find some workarounds that will let you keep playing and not be in terrible pain. I've switched over to Strats with floating trems to allow me to do more vibrato and bending with the bar and not stress my thumb joint as much.
  6. Dave P

    Is Relic’ing A Fad?

    It was fun for a minute. If it's well done, I don't mind it. I haven't bought one in 20 years so I'm over it. I've seen some horrid aging by well known boutique builders that looks like someone used a heat gun, scraped off a bunch of finish with a putty knife, and rubbed some Kiwi shoe polish on...
  7. Dave P

    Tinnitus and other items

    I've had tinnitus since 1986. I haven't heard silence since then. Sounds like Cicada bugs screeching in my ears 24/7. It hasn't been debilitating, but it sure is annoying. It got a lot worse when I was working in a machine shop.
  8. Dave P

    Are Dimarzios really that bad?

    I like a few Dimarzios, and have them in a few guitars. I do think the double cream trademark is bullshit.
  9. Dave P

    Arthritis Exercises. Helpful Advice

    On bad days I have a hard time even holding onto my pick too. I had the same surgery in 2016 on my left hand and it pretty much turned out the same way as yours. It hurts almost as bad as before the surgery at times. No way in hell I'm having another surgery on it. My other hand has the same...
  10. Dave P

    Mike Bowen good mojo thread

    Best wishes to you, Mike!
  11. Dave P


    My heart is broken.
  12. Dave P

    Murphy Lab Loose Tuners

    Gotoh SD510-SL are probably the best Kluson style tuner, but they don't look vintage correct since the have a big 510 stamped on the back. IMO, people should start complaining to Wendy and Larry Davis at WD for making poor quality Klusons. Larry had no problem ripping into me during a phone...
  13. Dave P

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    If I can make a suggestion? The Klusons used on the Historics are junk. I know they have the right look, but they aren't very good. Any way to get Gotoh to make a tuner that looks right (obviously without the Kluson name) or get WD to make better quality tuners? It's not good when a person drops...
  14. Dave P

    Thoughts on guitar lessons...How fun should it be??????

    I was recently showing my cousin who is the same age as me, some rudimentary stuff. He pulled out the dreaded Mel Bay book with songs like 3 Blind Mice and it brought back nightmares from my youth. My 1st failed attempt at playing in the early 70's involved a Harmony acoustic with action 1/2"...