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  1. dlacx

    *** My First Historic In 18 Years-- 2001 R9 Big Top***

    Nice! Gonna do any work on that one?
  2. dlacx

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    I'm interested to hear what others use for pot/cap readings as these can be customized? I've never really thought about it and it looks like you need to ask. Primarily, I play blues and am using the Seymour Duncan/Bonamassa '59 handwounds on my the R8 in my profile. Still seeking better sound.
  3. dlacx

    A sweet girl here....

  4. dlacx

    A sweet girl here....

    This is about as pristine as it gets. Bought this back in 1981. Guy pulled it out from under the bed. "Never played it much". She sounds as good as she looks.
  5. 66 Melody Maker 001.jpg

    66 Melody Maker 001.jpg

  6. 66 Melody Maker 005.jpg

    66 Melody Maker 005.jpg

  7. 66 Melody Maker 008.jpg

    66 Melody Maker 008.jpg

  8. dlacx

    What to do??

    This. I really like how you stated this . I would set it up and give it some time.
  9. IMG_0569.jpeg


  10. IMG_0566.jpeg


  11. dlacx

    Historic Makeovers -- Which Guitar Should I send.

    Send the one that sounds worse. I had a beautiful R8 that sounded like a dog, but not any more! The BRW board and hide glue made it sing.
  12. dlacx

    1980 LP Custom Silverburst

    I've seen some conflicting information related to the neck on this guitar. Some say Maple...others say Mahogany? As I understand, it is a mahogany body with carved maple top and maple neck with a bound ebony board. Is this correct. Also, what were the Standard p/u's? 57' Classics? Thanks...
  13. dlacx

    Sweet Old R8! NGD

    Picked up a smokin' 1997 R8! Nice year for tops! Came with Duncan 59's I believe. They are going to go. Not that they are bad, but not what I want in my LP's. Her little sister with her isn't so bad either.....she's kinda new too! Nothing like a nice Paul!
  14. dlacx

    NGD Whitford Burst 007

    I didn't post to the thread about the Whitford Burst's becasue it felt rather tainted. There are some great responses on there, but I took offense to some of the comments about those of us who would purchase such guitars and the generalized comments about the need for a better top. First a...