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    Olivia Rodrigo plagiarizes every female pop singer in the world, and gets away with it!

    Olivia Rodrigo is a Disney product, so yes it's in the corporate DNA. If you have a song, media, idea they want, they're going to get it, period. It's sad but true.
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    Troubleshooting Advice - Friedman Runt 20

    Thanks! That is some amazing info and analysis. I have always been interested in how a tube amp works, but like most things, until it's relevant it's not something I would just start reading about. Thanks to bad tube, it's relevant and I learned a lot. Appreciate the explanations.
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    Troubleshooting Advice - Friedman Runt 20

    I heard from Friedman amps and the response was immediate. I'm impressed that they got back to me so quickly, great service! I asked what stage was the clean channel and the reply was V1. It worked and then I let them know that I have 3 different 12AX7 tubes - an ARS JJ/Tesla in V1, a Mullard...
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    Troubleshooting Advice - Friedman Runt 20

    That's a good idea. I could have used one for sure. Any good tube testers you can recommend and how much do they cost?
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    Troubleshooting Advice - Friedman Runt 20

    Thanks for all the advice! I heard from Friedman and the V1 stage is the one and only tube for clean. This time, I just replaced the V1 12AX7 (Tung-Sol to a Chinese ARS JJ/Tesla) and all is good! Maybe that tube didn't like being upside down, lol. Now it's in the garbage can and I can sleep...
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    Troubleshooting Advice - Friedman Runt 20

    So I take the thing apart (i have the 20W combo) and figure I might as well try it out one more time before changing any tubes. The clean channel was working! I put it back together and guess what... the clean channel is not working. I inspected all the tubes and they looked ok (for what...
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    Troubleshooting Advice - Friedman Runt 20

    I have a Runt 20 combo and just now the clean channel cut out. I changed the tubes a while back and it’s been working fine. I rarely even use the clean channel, but I’d still like to fix it. Maybe a tube went bad? I have some extra tubes I can swap in, but I’m not sure which one/s are for the...
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    Gibson Les Paul Standard 1960 Original Owner with tags

    That is a great story and guitar. I bet the proceeds from the sale can get the granddaughter a nice guitar and pay for college! Congratulations.
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    Did you upgrade your Reissues?

    Mine, too. I think the new historics are worth keeping stock. They are great as-is.
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    NGD, and finally back in the Gibson Historic camp!

    Is that a gloss finish or VOS? The top looks so nice and "vintage shiny" whereas mine is the VOS and duller looking.
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    NGD 2021 '58 Lemonburst VOS

    Because of this guitar, I have to learn how to play "Still Got the Blues". Thanks for the nice comments! I think "I'm not worthy of this guitar", so it's inspired me to be a better player.
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    Honest Review - Gibson Murphy Lab Heavy Aged

    Well done review. My 58 with custom buckers also came setup as unbalanced. The neck PU is a monster, but also much louder than the bridge. I tried adjusting the height of the bridge but it doesn't sound as good as it did from the dealer (but is now more balanced). I understand that balanced...
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    Amps you sold but should have kept

    I had a nice VHT Pitbull 2x12 combo that I wish I kept.
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    NGD 2021 R9 Lemonburst VOS - PICS ADDED!!!

    That is a great-looking guitar! Congrats.