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Recent content by Don

  1. Don

    I just got me Mesa Boogie Mark 5:25 1x10

    I had the combo for a while. It was a fun amp!
  2. Don

    Dr Z Jetta combo review needed

    I have a few Dr. Z amps, but don't have a Jetta, so i can't help you directly, except to recommend that you look on Z-Talk and The Gear Page. This amp has been discussed a lot on both of those forums. The Z amps that I do have- a Cure, a Nova and a Z Wreck Jr, are awesome.
  3. Don

    Wah and Fuzz

    The Fulltone '69 Pedal has an external Bias control. I turn that down just to where my wah works well with the pedal.
  4. Don

    What have you bought guitar-related in the last 48 hours?

    I just received a coupe of sets of Ernie Ball M-Steel Hybrid Slinky Strings (.009-.046) for my Music Man Cutlass. I wanted to hear how it sounded with the strings it came with as kind of a baseline. They sound okay but there's a lot of finger noise. We'll see how they play in.
  5. Don

    Nice Weather Is Here! Anyone Else Taking Out the Summer Car or Bike?

    THIS it the most wonderful time of the year!
  6. Don

    ES-330 Problem - Anyone have a solution?

    I'd contact Lollar and ask, though thier baseplate might have the narrower spacing. I had another vendor make me a P90 like that to but in the bridge position of a '63 Epiphone Olympic due to it requiring a low profile pickup. [/url]
  7. Don

    ES-330 Problem - Anyone have a solution?

    Doesn't the ES-330 have a neck pickup on a special low bracket? If so, you need a pickup with bridge spacing and neck mounting height.
  8. Don

    Which caps to replace Astrons in tweed amps?

    Replace the electrolytics for sure. F&T are good. Yellow Astron coupling caps get leaky. Keep them in the amp if possible and replace them as required. Possibly consider replacing them between the phase inverter and power tubes to prevent issues. I like to replace B+ dropping resistors as well.
  9. Don

    Billie Joe Armstrong LP Jr Single Cut Prototype

    They only put the step back into the cutaway on production models recently. My 2001 didn't have it and the 2015s with the Les Paul 100 logo still didn't have it.
  10. Don

    Very cool reference material - vintage Gibson electronics, Kluson and Grover Tuners!

    It's good to see this info again! Thanks!
  11. Don

    What is the best non-Gibson Les Paul?

    Considreing how good my Heritage H-535 is, I'd love to try an H-150.
  12. Don

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    I use the traditional black and gold LPF color scheme.
  13. Don

    What is the best non-Gibson Les Paul?

    My 1980 Hamer Sunburst had a very narrow neck! Narrow string spacing at the bridge as well. I never really got used to it.
  14. Don

    Fenders like 9s?

    I use 9s on almost all of my electric guitars. The exception is my ES-225. 10s drive the hollow body a little harder and intonate a little better on the trapeze bar bridge/tailpiece.
  15. Don

    Who’s got (and kept) COVID hair?

    I got a haircut in February 2020. It's getting long-ish.