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  1. Dragonkoi

    New 2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional.

    Got this guitar last week. I have a 2010 Trad gold top but fancied a burst. This one has a one piece back, cherry finished and a light burst top. The flame top is awesome, love the way it changes in the light. It is set up perfectly from the factory, much better than how my gold top came. It is...
  2. Dragonkoi

    Duesenberg Les Trem II

    I swapped my Fender Strat for a Gibson Firebird reissue and so I now no longer have a vibrato guitar. Always fancied a Bigsby but the cost of one, plus a vibramate if you want to ever go back to stock becomes fairly costly. Found the Les Trem so have ordered one to fit on my Firebird. Not really...
  3. Dragonkoi

    Green Frets

    Took my SG out the case, haven't played it for a few months and noticed that the frets have gone green/ oxidized. What's the best cleaner/ cleaning method for this?