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  1. DutchRay

    Listing modern day guitar heroes

    I'd like to submit Dan Auerbach (the Black Keys) and Pablo van de Poel (Dewolff).
  2. DutchRay

    Rough market value of '59 330

    Very cool guitar! The perfect couch gtr! You might want to check the FON # inside, if it's all original I suspect it's a 1960 model, due to the reflector knobs. '59 FON starts with S, '60 FON starts with R. More info at guitarhq.com
  3. DutchRay

    Joe B. at Red Rocks 2021

    It's called Lazarus and is a refinished '59. https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?threads/the-ultimate-turd-for-the-jb-cd-collection-a-59-burst.213642/
  4. DutchRay

    Joe B. at Red Rocks 2021

    And again you deliver the best shots of the year. We need to have a trophy made for you! Isn't it time for a nice book? maybe call it: "The advocate of the Burst" or "Burst's advocate"?
  5. DutchRay

    What Happens If ???

    Sure, I meant a (normal) pickup cannot be out of phase with itself. You need two pickups engaged to get the out of phase effect.
  6. DutchRay

    What Happens If ???

    Sounds like a cool guitar! As far as I understand electronics, you can't switch a pickup out of phase unless it has multiple coils. You also don't reverse the coil. To get an out of phase sound from a 2 pickup guitar, the magnetic polarity needs to be opposite to get the out of phase sound...
  7. DutchRay

    How often is an unknown Burst found ?

    I've worked in guitar stores in the Netherlands since 1990 and I have seen 3 bursts walk in, Eelco Gelling's 1960, the Dutchburst 1960 and the Amsterdam burst 1958.
  8. DutchRay

    lets identify exactly how a good vintage burst sounds different than a Historic .....

    For those who like side by side videos, here's one with the dutchburst vs historic. It is in dutch but just don't listen to them talking :) I was there when it was recorded and in person the differences where even more obvious! Plugged into a '62 AC30 and Lex Bos Superdrive pedal.
  9. DutchRay

    What’s your most Basic simple rig ?

    My Les Paul and a Deluxe reverb will do fine! It's what I use when I go out to play, although I admit, I do occasionally use an Overated special to add some boost and cut the bass a bit. Reverb and Vibrato come free with the amp, so maybe a wahwah to top it off, but that's more than enough for...
  10. DutchRay

    I want to become a guitar repair tech. Where do I start?

    Experience is key. Buy a cheap guitar and take it apart and put it back together. Some books about tech work might be useful and the StewMac youtube channel is also very useful. It also helps if you have some guitar playing friends and ask them for feedback on your work.
  11. DutchRay

    Cleaning 1974 Les Paul custom treated with 10000 cigarettes

    Air it out, be careful with polish, you might soften the paint and make it sticky. The clear coat is likely yellowed and there's no easy fix for that. Try Naphta on a spot you don't see to test how it cleans the nicotine.
  12. DutchRay

    5F1 Amp Kit

    Years ago, I had a bunch of tweed champs in the shop, '56, '58, 2x '59 and a '61, every one sounded great but they all sounded very different from each other. I wanted to build one and I got myself a modern champion 600 to gut and rebuild. I never did the upgrade since the champion 600 sounds...
  13. DutchRay

    Did you upgrade your Reissues?

    I've modded 50% of my historics, my '07 CR8 has had many pickups, pots and hardware upgrades and my '10 R0 has different pickups as well, both got them used and allready modded so I keep these to try out things. My CC3 and CC18 are bone stock and sound great so I'll keep um that way.