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  1. Excalibur

    Merry Christmess My Beloved American And All Over The World Gibson Lovers

    It's been a while now since I have posted here. Just to let you know you are always in my Heart guitar heros. Didn't play for six years and miss that feeling of being passionet so Deep. Deep Reegards from Israel and g-o-d bless.
  2. Excalibur

    Clean Settings For A Custom Vibrolux Reverb

    What is your standard settings for a clean sound with a Les Paul on the Fender CVR? just bought one 2 days ago and I find my self hooking in to the normal channel input 2 (the -6 db attenuated) with the treble control on 8 and the bass on 5, sounds pretty full and sparkling. any other...
  3. Excalibur

    Good Current Production 6L6?

    Just scored a used Custom Vibrolux Reverb and was wandering what would be a good reliable 6L6 tube for that. hared good things about the TAD but unfortunately it would be hard to get them over here. any experience with the E-H 6L6? whats your opinion on them in terms of sound and durability...
  4. Excalibur

    Ceramic Caps Reads 0.011?

    So,I just got a new Multimeter (Uni-T) and checked out all my caps.for my surprise I've discovered that the M203 ceramic caps I got out from my Les Paul's read the value of 0.011mfd-0.012mfd Max some read 0.010mfd.is'nt Gibson suppose to put 0.022 caps or it's my meter that's defective? the...
  5. Excalibur

    4X12 Cabs&Television Sets

    Weird question I know but could a Marshall cabinet positioned near a T.V set Could cause a damage to the T.V due to it's magnets?
  6. Excalibur

    '57 Classics Direct to A JMP-1

    '57 Classics Clip Hey there,thought I'd share this with you,it's my 1996 '57 Gold Top RI with the '57 Classics through a Marshall JMP-1 preamp into a hard disk recorder.thanks for listening. http://stage.co.il:8000/content/largefiles/moshelasky537245990.pls
  7. Excalibur

    Who's Using The Bright Cap?

    I thought of asking you guys who is using the bright cap on their Marshalls Bright channel,what value did you use or did you take it out all together..My marshall is a 1959HW RI and i took the 0.005mfd cap out and replaced it with a 100pf,I like it much better like that but thinking of taking it...
  8. Excalibur

    Conn Strobe Tuner?

    Anyone is using one of these?,i saw David Gilmour, Bryan May and Neal Young with different versions of it..how accurate is it and how do you use it?
  9. Excalibur

    Amp Impedance Question

    My Marshall '72 Super Bass has a stuck impedance selector and its stuck on the 4 ohm setting,now i have two cabinets one is 8 ohm and the other is 16 ohm,can i causae damage to the transformers by connecting my 4 ohm amp head to those two cabinets or vice versa,damage to my speakers? that of...
  10. Excalibur

    The Amps The Doors Used

    Any one by any chance knows what is that weird looking 17 knobs amp that Robby Krieger of The Doors used among others? is it called Acustic? 10 knobs on the up front and 7 underneath,it got some unique HIFI tone.
  11. Excalibur

    Sprag Black Beauty's 0.01 Caps

    Hi everyone, could someone tell me please if the value 0.01 MFD of a BB is suitable for both pickups in a Les Paul guitar? thank you very much.
  12. Excalibur

    Jensen caps and CTS pots

    Hi all I was thinking of upgrading my 1996 '57 reissue GT and was wondering if anyone had expirience with them Jensen caps, if so what is your impression on them. also if someone could tell me what kind of a working voltage (VDC) do ineed to look for.(im thinking to get the silver paper in oil...
  13. Excalibur


    Hi everyone,heres another track i laid down for you Hope you'll like it
  14. Excalibur

    One More Jam For You Bro's

    This one is a little faster but still laid back - have fun :dude
  15. Excalibur

    How About a Jam Session

    Hi, I've recorded this today,thought you might like to Give it a shot...i'ts on D minor.