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Valley Of The Sun, AZ
Current Gear
Electric Guitars:
1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Alpine White)
2005 Gibson LPC '68RI (Ebony)
2007 Gibson LPC '68RI (Natural Flametop)
2005 Gibson LPC '68RI (Pelham Blue)
2016 Gibson Explorer Faded Limited Edition (Natural)
2016 Gibson Explorer Faded Limited Edition (Natural)
2000 Fender Stratocaster (Vintage Sunburst)
1996 Gretsch Jet Pro (Sunburst)
1998 Ibanez RG Custom (Jewel Blue)
1996 Epiphone Les Paul Special (Silverburst)

1988 Mesa/Boogie Mark III Blue Stripe Coliseum
1985 Mesa/Boogie Mark III+ No Stripe Coliseum
1988 Mesa/Boogie Mark III Blue Stripe
1993 Mesa/Boogie Mark IV Medium Head
1993 Mesa/Boogie Mark IV Long Head Combo
1992 Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Blackface (Pre-500)
1998 Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Blackface (Rev. G)
Previous Gear
2008 Gibson Les Paul Custom
2007 Schecter Scorpion Baritone (Matte Black)

2003 Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier


Gibson Custom Shop
1968 Custom (Alpine White)
2005 Custom '68 Reissue (Ebony)
2007 Custom '68 Reissue (Natural)
2005 Custom '68 Reissue (Pelham Blue)

Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers
Mark III Coliseums (Blue Stripe/No Stripe)
Mark IVs (Medium Head/Wide Combo)
Blackface Dual Rectifiers (Revisions D/G)


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