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Recent content by garywright

  1. garywright

    NGD: Photos of Bugman's Murphy Lab R8

    really nice color ..especially in full sun
  2. garywright

    Grace under fire....

    Happy Birthday 🎁
  3. garywright

    LPF Roll Call - sound off

    ping-ping ..all’s good here 👍
  4. garywright

    Eastwood Messenger...

    see there’s a couple available on the Eastwood site ..anyone own, played one of these Messenger reissues ( I do know the pickups and neck differ ) ..thoughts ?
  5. garywright

    Dr.Nitro @ YouTube...

    Mods..please delete post.
  6. garywright

    Whitney Houston Rock and Roll Hall of fame..

    :hmm errr....
  7. garywright


    post deleted ..contact made
  8. garywright

    beautiful Sound of Silence..

    at least I think so ..Emma’s voice and stage presence are wonderful . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=relfz3ZFsZA
  9. garywright

    Breaker 19..this is the Snowman ..my 10-20 behind some goof-rings....

  10. garywright

    a feel soul good video..

    haven’t seen this before but smiled throughout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcksrDIxizI
  11. garywright

    Q, ..Hot Lanta’s backside..

    has the back finish faded to rootbeer ...also, are there any recent pics
  12. garywright

    Wtb 60s volume witch hat knob

    ..looking for a volume knob to complete a clean set of three. ( silver insert ) garywright2001AThotmaildotcom
  13. garywright

    Hot Lanta with comp tp ?

    I have a pic saved of hot lanta in which it appears to have a compensated wrap in place of the typical correct smooth stop tp ...my question is, did it ?