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  1. guitarbob123

    NGD 2021 '59 ES-335TDN

    Great photos, the model isn't too bad either! Seems Gibson really are nailing it now, doesn't help with that GAS
  2. guitarbob123

    1959 Reissue Sunburst

    No-one suggests you get a new boat, new guitar and new wife? Just me? 😂
  3. guitarbob123

    Current bursts for sale...

    I mean it's apparent that any party that would be interested in purchasing the set can calculate a fair offer without needing an indication from the selling party. The issue I would take is that of two prospective buyers, the one who intends not to use them as instruments but instead as...
  4. guitarbob123

    Just announced by Gibson CS: Korina Explorer & Flying V!

    Looks fantastic, I think the white guard definitely has to be the right option with the Explorer. There's one I've spotted on this side of the pond but I know it's not the sensible thing to do 😭
  5. guitarbob123

    Re 'V' meaning

    Maybe the originals but the reissues have the same tenon across the range
  6. guitarbob123

    Re 'V' meaning

    1960 Les Paul Standard changed spec throughout the year (without being named as different variants, they were all still just the 'Les Paul Standard'). They started with the same spec as the 1959 Standard, many of them probably receiving 1960 serial numbers but having had the body manufactured...
  7. guitarbob123

    Attenuated SV20C

    I have the same amp but I'm not quite so handy with soldering etc. so I bought one of the Weber MiniMass attenuators instead. Have to say the amp is an absolute animal and perfect for what I need it to do. I had (well, still have but it's not in the same country as me) a 100w Marshall...
  8. guitarbob123

    New Gibson Korina Explorer & Flying V annnounced!

    I was quoted a price of €9.5-10k for them, no idea if that was the Murphy ones or normal VOS, I declined to go any further cause I don't care enough about 'limited edition' or who makes it, I just want a really good Korina V. The dealer I contacted was Max Guitar in the Netherlands, they're...
  9. guitarbob123

    New Gibson Korina Explorer & Flying V annnounced!

    And now I've sent an email to an EU dealer to find out more 👀 I'm pretty determined to get some form of Korina V in the next year so we'll see where it goes
  10. guitarbob123

    Custom Shop harness quality??

    Ok I wasn't aware of that issue, just going on previous recommendations, thanks for the heads up with that one!
  11. guitarbob123

    Custom Shop harness quality??

    If you care about the 'wrong' braided wire simply because it isn't the exact same type of wire on the originals then you're kind of wasting your time with any production Gibson as it'll never be an exact replica, just as any exact replica will never be an original. (i.e. you're arguably down a...
  12. guitarbob123

    68 reissue black beauty

    It depends on the production date, they’ve been making various forms of 68RI since the Custom Authentic days of the Custom Shop, pre-VOS. My 2011 is a VOS model but I can’t confirm if the new ones would be VOS finish/True Historic applications etc. Mine has a non-wired ABR-1, I can’t see why...
  13. guitarbob123

    1956 Les Paul basket case Conversion.

    Damn, you've done a good job there! Another one back from the brink 🍻
  14. guitarbob123

    New Gibson Korina Explorer & Flying V annnounced!

    It sounds a bit like they don't realise it already has a pickguard installed or they're giving the generic advice. What they're saying would apply if it was an R9 without a guard already installed. Perhaps it's the new guy having a go at answering questions this week :ROFLMAO:
  15. guitarbob123

    New Gibson Korina Explorer & Flying V annnounced!

    It looks pretty incredible, congrats!