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    Strap recommendation for LP Standard

    Usually a wider strap is helpful for shoulder problems as it spreads the weight over a larger area. I’ve got a Levi’s 2 layer leather strap for my LP. They make a wide variety of great straps and they have prices to fit most budgets.
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    Should I purchase a Guild 12 string acoustic guitar?

    I currently own a Guild f2512. I think that’s the one you mentioned. If not it’s certainly in that price range. It’s a great sounding 12 string. Way better than the price would indicate. I owned an Ovation Celebrity Deluxe for a long time too. The Ovations tend to have thinner necks and a very...
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    Wah and Fuzz

    I usually run a Dunlop Eric Johnson fuzz into a Vox wah and then into an Ibanez TS mini. Get the fuzz set right and it actually smooths out the Tube Screamer. Kick in the wah and all hell breaks loose!
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    Questions for SRV signature owners.

    Ugh, facepalm. I forgot all about the vintage wiring for the controls. Never even tried the tone control on the middle pickup. It’s too late to try it now but I’m sure you’re right DutchRay. Thanks.
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    Marshall 2555X's

    I think corpse was asking about the crater left when you run a pair of 100 watt guitar amps wide open. Having done so a bunch myself, I know they can move architecture! Wanna know if you’re a half decent guitar player? Crank ‘em every day for a month or so. If the neighbors don’t call the cops...
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    Questions for SRV signature owners.

    A few weeks back I picked up a ‘17 SRV Strat after wanting to try one for a long time. It looks great and plays really well. In fact it’s kinda sold me on baseball bat necks. I wasn’t real sure about the Pau Ferro fretboard but I got over it pretty quick. Paired with my Bassman, the tone makes...
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    Trying to find my dads guitar

    I’ll keep my eyes open for it. All the best with your search. Hey Bonamassa, any of your Lesters match that description?
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    Quality of ceriatone amplifiers?

    I’ve got a Ceriatone 2550 that I love to death. It’s well built and reliable. It certainly scratches the Silver Jubilee itch for me.
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    Stratocaster 12-String

    I bought my first 12 string acoustic maybe 30 years ago. I haven’t been without one since.A 12 string Strat has gotta be fun. I’m guessing the main riff from “Sultans of Swing” would be awesome on one.
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    Amps you sold but should have kept

    I had one of the first run lead 12 Marshall Microstacks in white. It was obnoxiously loud! Solid state head but it sounded alright at the time. I loaned it to a buddy of mine to play a set at our high school. We took his black Microstack and did a checkerboard pattern with ‘em. Sold it a few...
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    A Rare One....

    Very cool! I’ve never seen one of those before! Thanks for posting.
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    What low capacitance cable options?

    Just finished testing the Mogami w2524 cable that I made. It’s a keeper. I a/b tested with my Livewire cable and I don’t hear any difference. Thanks for the recommendation DrewB. I only made one cable tonight. It didn’t make sense to build them all until I was sure. I’ll make 2 for d.i. into my...
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    What low capacitance cable options?

    I ordered 40 feet of the Mogami W2524 a little while ago. I’ve got plenty of Switchcraft plugs so I should be good to go. I’ll be sure to update when I get the cables wired into my rig. Thanks for the input everyone.
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    What low capacitance cable options?

    Thanks for the suggestions folks. I’ll start looking into those options after work today. Kinda bummed about the Livewire cables. They were reasonably priced and sturdy enough for my needs. My plan was to buy a couple 20 footers and use them to make the connections for my rig. Two 10 footers...
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    What low capacitance cable options?

    I wasn’t sure where to post this one. I’m trying to find some more low capacitance cables for my guitar rig. I have been using a 20’ Livewire Soundhose cable for some years now. I really like how the cable doesn’t swallow the high frequency before it gets to the amp. That has become hugely...