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  1. JoeC

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    I get it, I know it was made up. Pointing out if it was hidden for 55 years, it would have a burst left.
  2. JoeC

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    Why would a LP go Lemon Burst with no UV light for 55 years? Smell BS
  3. JoeC

    Are Custombuckers 2018 potted “better” than unpotted pickups 2019/20?

    I have a 2018 R9 and was intrigued by the unpotted pickups as well. Love the sound of my R9 and didnt want to mess with pickups changes. I had a 2014 R8 that no longer got played so I finally traded in for an unpotted 1960 V1 anniversary. Its nice to have both if you can. I do hear a...
  4. JoeC

    Favourite strings for CS 59 Les Paul?

    Throbak 11-50. Original LPs had thicker strings
  5. JoeC

    Custom Buckers - Potted?

    Cool, send pics
  6. JoeC

    Custom Buckers - Potted?

    https://reverb.com/item/38921952-gibson-custom-shop-1959-les-paul-standard-reissue-vos-iced-tea-burst-304-8lbs-14oz Im not sure if there are certain model guitars that have potted all the time. But geeking out on Reverb and other sites I saw some 2020 59s that were back to potted...
  7. JoeC

    Custom Buckers - Potted?

    I believe unpotted started on the anniversary in 2019, but some re-issues are back to potted some are not
  8. JoeC

    What's your take on PUs? Potted or unpotted

    I think the tonal difference is very small. But you feel it more on the attack. Unpotted feels more connected to the playing.
  9. JoeC

    Custom Buckers - Potted?

    My 2018 Custombucker felt lightly potted compared my 2014 R8 (From Daves). I had called Gibson to ask them that question. Whoever answered the phone said potted is potted. But I was not convinced in his convidence. It may be the person who is doing the potting, just like there were differences...
  10. JoeC

    Traded my 2012 R9 VOS for a "new" 2018 R9 VOS.

    in 10-20 years the value may be $1000 more for the anniversary, nothing to worry about. Enjoy what you have.
  11. JoeC

    Traded my 2012 R9 VOS for a "new" 2018 R9 VOS.

    I have a 2018 59, it was a killer Compared to my 2014 58. Completely different. I am convinced those pick-ups on the 2018 are "Lightly potted" or not really potted at all. I ended up trading my 2014 for a 2020 V1 60th anniversary. The guitar with the unpotted pick ups seems to have a bit more of...
  12. JoeC

    Does the neck effect the tone?

    One Million time zero is still zero.
  13. JoeC

    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    I think you can t get them down to $395,000
  14. JoeC

    Factory Burst v. Deep Cherry v. Tomato Soup Burst

    In 1959 Music Stores complained that LPs faded before their eyes sitting in the window. My hunch is a V1 Deep Cherry is an extra coat of paint or perhaps they added more red as a first attempt to correct the problem (at the time). Tomato Soup was a new formula. Is a tangerine burst a slightly...
  15. JoeC

    the R9's are so passé .... now its all about the 58's ...

    You can never go wrong buying from Dave's.