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Recent content by Johnny Q

  1. Johnny Q

    Boutique Strat Pups

    Lindy Fralin Vintage Hots is pretty much the end game for me, when it comes to Strat pickups. The fact is, you really can't go wrong with any of the boutique offerings that seek to replicate that signature sound. I also have a set of Duncan Antiquity II Surfers w/ custom bridge in one of my...
  2. Johnny Q

    Frankie Sullivan of Survivor Bursts.

    Nothing At All certainly sounds like a Strat, as does most of the Vital Signs album. But the Caught In The Game era tone sounds like a humbucker equipped guitar to me. If not, that's one damn fine Strat tone :-)
  3. Johnny Q

    Frankie Sullivan of Survivor Bursts.

    Cool thread. Did Frankie use any of these guitars on the song "Caught In The Game?" The tone on that tune is killing and a it's great song as well. I recall that one blasting through my T-Top roof in the early 80s :-)
  4. Johnny Q

    T-Top Replacement?

    You might want to check these out. They consistently get great reviews and they will not set you back a lot of money: https://www.manliusguitar.com/collections/humbuckers/products/t-top-replica
  5. Johnny Q

    Ben Franklin wasn't a very good Founding Father...

    So he was the first Rock Star?;):)
  6. Johnny Q

    Dissecting humbuckers 496R 500T

    I had these in my Les Paul Custom for many years and loved them. A great alternative for players who like Dimarzio Super Distortion or Duncan Custom style pickups.
  7. Johnny Q

    LP R9 grunge clean

    I have been using Gibson branded polish for years on my R9 and I can recommend it.
  8. Johnny Q

    Finally! My First R9!

    Congrats - beautiful axe. JQ
  9. Johnny Q

    What low capacitance cable options?

    The MXR Pro Series instrument cables are low capacitance and affordably priced. I can't find the exact measurements right now, but they scored close to the top in a shootout last year. They are also quite supple and manageable. I switched over to these entirely - patch cables and cable from...
  10. Johnny Q

    Allman and Betts Isolated Blue Sky Tracks

    Man that was pretty........
  11. Johnny Q

    70's ES replacement pickup suggestions.

    Although I don't have personal experience with this particular model, the Sheptone 6T8 sounds like it would fit the bill for the OPs axe. Here is the blurb off the website: "This set came about for players who looking for the ideal pickup to match with hollow and semi-hollow body guitars. For...
  12. Johnny Q

    Your Worst Concert Ever

    I have seen hundreds of concerts and honestly, I don't really have any disasters to report. Well....almost. The Cult Allentown, Pa 1989 opening for Metallica. Ian Astbury's voice was utterly shot and he was drunk/stoned off his azz. When the show ended, the rest of the band left the stage but...
  13. Johnny Q

    Jimmy Page : The Anthology

    Yes sir! I got this the day it came out. It is on my coffee table and gets thumbed through almost daily. If you like this book I also recommend Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page.
  14. Johnny Q

    My 1965 Stratocaster

    That right there.......is the genuine article! Very nice.
  15. Johnny Q

    57 Classic Neck???

    Anyone notice that some of the bigger online vendors are advertising a 57 Classic "neck" position? Check Musicians Freind and American Music Supply as examples. Since forever, there has been no specific bridge and neck pickup...I wonder if this is just a typo? And to add to the confusion, I...