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  1. JPP-1

    How do you pick a great Les Paul historic ?

    I actually enjoying playing my Les Pauls acoustically from time to time, but I will say the best sounding one acoustically is not my favorite plugged in. Bottom line, there is no hard and fast rule except one: plug it into the type of amp you use and play it. Play it amongst several Les...
  2. JPP-1

    Oh boy ..... I have heard there are problems with the Murphy labs.

    I love your ML. Finish issues or not, lmk if you every get tired of that sweet thing.
  3. JPP-1

    Oh boy ..... I have heard there are problems with the Murphy labs.

    The motivation is pretty straight forward. Make more money. That’s what most successful companies are supposed to do in order to survive. They are simply borrowing a page from Fender’s play book and doing temperature change checking instead of the more time consuming and less natural...
  4. JPP-1

    Famous bursts that are light?

    I don’t think you can draw a significant correlation between weight and tone. At least not +/- .5 lbs. Something to consider, didn’t Slash give Joe Perry his relatively heavy Les Paul back partly because he didn’t care much for the tone. Slash is a true Les Paul connoisseur in addition...
  5. JPP-1

    Belated dual NGD

    I picked these up recently. The Wildwood Murphy painted on the right may be my favorite Les Paul. The Murphy Lab to the left is amazing too.
  6. JPP-1

    Oh boy ..... I have heard there are problems with the Murphy labs.

    I like mine love the top, playability and tone but yeah, they should’ve done a more thorough test of their finish before releasing it to the public however some finish flakes on an aged guitar don’t really bother me.
  7. JPP-1

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    Rambling sentences and a complete lack of paragraphs, what’s that about? Kinda appears visually on the page like those letters from Nigerian princes looking to help out hardworking folks with a big pile of money.
  8. JPP-1

    most vintage looking Historic top ever ? ....

    Some natural checking on mine
  9. JPP-1

    most vintage looking Historic top ever ? ....

    Nice one Stump. That Murphy Lab is definitely one of the best ones I’ve seen. The checking looks fairly realistic. So many MLs have spider web or broken glass checking that looks completely unrealistic. And the patina, at least in the pictures looks good. I like it. Still, 7600 for an R8...
  10. JPP-1

    Neck Angle Of 58, 59 and 60.

    People hear differences, some even imagine they hear differences and then seek to ascribe these differences to certain specific properties Be it weight, neck size, neck angle etc. Unfortunately there is no science or objective data to substantiate any of it. 3 guitars 5 guitars even 10...
  11. JPP-1

    What to expect from a light Les Paul?

    If you play standing up lighter is better. If you play sitting down it doesn’t much matter. I prefer my LPs between 8.2 - 9.2lbs but I wouldn’t hesitate buying an 8 pounder if It has a top I loved,
  12. JPP-1

    Is this a real Collectors Choice?

    We’ve got more great guitars being made today at a variety of price points than at any time in history. Amps too. if you buy used you should probably not lose much money while enjoying a great instrument. That’s the beauty of these Historic guitars, after a point their depreciation is...