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  1. jspax7

    2016 Les Paul Classic wiring

    I’m not able to post a picture of my wiring here, but it’s stock, hand wired with the (apparently) unusual 300k linear taper volume pots. No push pulls no PCB. It took me quite a while to find out what pots are in my guitar. I spoke with someone in Gibson customer service and he said my...
  2. 2016 Les Paul Classic

    2016 Les Paul Classic

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  4. jspax7

    2016 Les Paul Classic wiring

    I want to assemble a wiring harness for a 1990’s Guild Bluesbird that is identical (in operation) to my 2016 Classic. The volume and tone controls are useable from 1-10 with gradual taper throughout the entire range. I’m not sure how to upload a picture I think it’s modern wiring but would...