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  1. KOTR

    NGD 54/55 Conversion

    Very cool guitar. Subscribed for progress photos.
  2. KOTR

    #9 2204

    Was 9-2204 previously in the Ziff collection?
  3. KOTR

    #9 2204

    I saw that too. Wondering what its history prior to his purchase is?
  4. KOTR

    #9 2204

    Interested in this serial number. Here is a pic of the Margouleff photo from the JPN edition of BOTB. Anyone know its history?
  5. KOTR

    Gibson Boss Collection

    Based on his IG account, looks like he added this Burst to his collection last year after the video was filmed. Anyone know the history of this one? Who owned it before? It's serial # 9-2204. Beautiful color, flame, and patina.
  6. KOTR

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Thank you
  7. KOTR

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Who is the maker? I can't make out the script on the headstock. Tried searching on all kinds of possibilities but came up empty.
  8. KOTR

    Which '59 Burst did David Grissom Own?

    Just read the December issue of TQR which has an interview with David Grissom. He mentions previously owning a '59 Burst. Does anyone know which serial# he owned and/or have any pics of it?
  9. KOTR

    Need A Case for my 2005 Custom Shop SG Standard

    I am in need of a replacement case for my 2005 Custom Shop SG Standard. Does anyone know if the TKL 8826 will fit this model SG? This one: https://tkl.com/en/uproduct/tkl-ltd-arch-top-double-cutaway-style-guitar-case?s=8826&id=08826%2FLTD
  10. KOTR

    NGD: 2005 Gibson Custom/Historic SG Standard

    Not quite sure if this belongs in the Historic forum or the Other Gibsons forum but it is a “Les Paul SG Standard” per the COA so mods please move if needed…… I recently sold my older 1990 reissue ’62 SG. I had it since new but grew to like thicker neck profiles and I did not play it much...
  11. KOTR

    Help Me ID These Stock Gibson Pickups

    I need some help figuring out what these stock Gibson Historic pickups are. I recently bought this 2005 Custom Shop SG Standard. The solder joints are all unbroken so these are the stock PUPs. I have a PDF of the 2004 Custom Shop catalog and it specifies 57 Classics. I also have the 2006...
  12. KOTR

    ThroBak Double Creams In My 2016 Lemonburst R9

    Decided to try some ThroBaks in my 2016 Standard Historic Lemonburst R9. I like the look of double creams in a lemon burst and love the ThroBaks in my other guitars so I took advantage of the ThroBak Black Friday sale and snagged a set of SLE-101's and one Jon's 50's style wiring harnesses...
  13. KOTR

    Vic DaPra On The New Guitar Radio Show Podcast

    I originally posted this in the vintage pub but after listening to the entire show I realized they discuss Vic's Historic limited runs too so I thought it should be posted here as well. Great show and worth the listen. Forum brother Vic is this week's guest on the Guitar Radio Show Podcast...
  14. KOTR

    Vic Dapra On The New Guitar Radio Show Podcast

    Forum brother Vic is this week's guest on the Guitar Radio Show Podcast: http://guitarradioshow.com/episode-157-vic-dapra/
  15. KOTR

    Dan Erlewine Discusses the Bloomfield Burst

    The new episode of the Guitar Radio Show podcast is an interview with luthier Dan Erlewine. Link below. At 9:24 he discusses his ownership of Mike Bloomfield's Burst and at 13:50 he discusses some of his reissue R9s. Enjoy...