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  1. kthesheep

    Original 50's Amber Bonnet Knobs

    Original 50's Amber Bonner Knobs. $349.00 shipped. Contact: info@historicmakeovers.com 407-314-6939
  2. kthesheep

    1957 Gibson Les Paul Inlays Original

    Original 1957 Gibson Les Paul Cellulose Nitrate Inlays. This is an original set of Cellulose Nitrate inlays removed from an original 1957 Gibson Les Paul. We were unable to save the neck or board, however the inlays are 100% intact. This is a rare find. In all the years of working on...
  3. kthesheep

    Vintage Sound City 50 Plus Dallas Arbiter

    70's Era Sound City 50 Plus Head Mark 4 Custom Built 70's Era Sound City with Road case. Prior to my acquisition seven years ago, It had been in a studio for almost 30 years. It is in fine working condition. I'm not an expert on the different models nor the years of these Sound City Amps...
  4. kthesheep

    Beat but Sweet...

    This is the one that will go with me when I'm gone....
  5. kthesheep

    2013 R9 For Sale $3500.00

    For sale 2013 Gibson Historic Collection R9 $3500.00 + freight With brown hard shell case. 407-314-6939 info@historicmakeovers.com Sold
  6. kthesheep

    The Kids Birthday sale

    Kids Birthday Sale Retrospec is happy to announce the first Kids Birthday sale. It's come to my attention my children will not receive musical instruments this year unless we have a Retrospec Sale. Support our young musicians: Ian will be 6 on Saturday: http://youtu.be/E0-ZyVuS3rk Retrospec...
  7. kthesheep

    My Son Ian plays his first gig at 5 years old

    Ian is 5 years old. This is his first ever gig. I'm a proud Papa. It was with the School of Rock Oviedo, FL BB Kings Point Orlando: http://youtu.be/E0-ZyVuS3rk
  8. kthesheep

    Inlays Special $69.00

    Special Inlay Sale $69.00 Click here Vintage correct Cellulose Nitrate inlays, featuring the exact pattern used on vintage Les Pauls from the 1950's. Manufactured by Mazzucchelli, the original Italian factory that supplied Gibson in the fifties. RETROSPEC inlays are 0.070" in thickness...
  9. kthesheep

    2013 Historic Makeovers® Goldtop

    Historic Makeovers® 7 3231 For sale 2013 RDS med distressing $6295.00 Gallery link: http://historicmakeovers.smugmug.com/Workinprocess2013/Rigby-7-3231-Sell/35446201_QtpzKf Please call or email: 407-314-6939 info@historicmakeovers.com
  10. kthesheep

    Your Never Alone with an 'RDS'

    Historic Makeovers® "Real Deal Series" 'SOLD' HM "Real Deal Series" Price – $8495.00 2006 R9 with Aged Gibson Lifton style case Added options: Replaced Gibson Logo to match the original 59...
  11. kthesheep

    53 Gender Change

    Orlando show this past January I ran across this 1953 with a terrible headstock repair. I was able to pick it up as a husk knowing I had parts to outfit it with no matter what direction I went. Took it home and put a MoJoAxe tailpiece on it. It played out great, However the headstock had...
  12. kthesheep

    WTB 58 through 1961 PAF Pickups

    Looking to to purchase a set of 1958 through 1961 PAF pickups with un soldered nickel covers. No issues. info@historicmakeovers.com 407-314-6939
  13. kthesheep

    Retrospec Offset Studs and bushings

    Back in stock September 14th. Retrospec Offset Studs, Straight Studs and Bushings. Taking pre orders. Limited quantities available. Order here Retrospec Offset Studs Retrospec Straight Studs Retrospec Steel Tailpiece Bushings Retrospec 407-314-6939
  14. kthesheep

    Historic Makeovers® RDS Available

    Historic Makeovers® RDS (SOLD) Ready for immediate production. All pictures are Pre 'RDS' Makeover You pick the color and amount of distressing. 'RDS' includes: "Real Deal Series" Sunburst Package Original style Truss Rod without plastic sheath Complete refinish with fade and distressing...
  15. kthesheep

    Back in Stock ABR-1 Thumwheels & Post

    Back in Stock Thin nickel plated brass ABR-1 Thumbwheels and Posts Forth of July special pricing $29.95 :headbange Based on our collection of vintage originals, RETROSPEC Wheels & Posts are made to exacting vintage specs, in the correct material (nickel-plated brass) for identical...