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  1. larrykwilliams

    About Les Paul Lifton Reissue case

    My '18 R9 has the Lifton badge inside too.
  2. larrykwilliams

    what was Gibson thinking when they designed the Burstbuckers ?

    I have been playing Gibson, among others, since back in 1969. The original T-tops have been my favorite, even more than some original PAFs. In the last few years, my BB experience has been: 2004 - R7 2007 - R8 2007 - R9 2009 - R9 50th Ann. 2010 - R0 50th Ann. The 2009 and 2010 sounded...
  3. larrykwilliams

    Gibson ES335 (2021) - QC issues?

    The new CS 1959 ES-335 arrived yesterday. I was surprised immediately when I opened the shipping carton. The guitar is in a Lifton styled case! The Gibson lit says brown case. I love that look regardless of which case is "better". The guitar is absolutely beautiful and certainly has the...
  4. larrykwilliams

    Gibson ES335 (2021) - QC issues?

    This CS version should ship today. I hope to see a perfect guitar.
  5. larrykwilliams

    Gibson ES335 (2021) - QC issues?

    I just returned THREE 2021 ES-335 figured models. Each of them had different defects. The first one had the treble side of the ABR-1 all the way down to the body and the action could now be lowered. At the 12th fret, the high E was at 5/64 and could not go lower. RETURN. The second one had...
  6. larrykwilliams

    2020 Gibson USA ES-335 figured

    Is it normal for the rosewood board on these to be so light in color? I received mine today: Figured Antique Natural. The board is the lightest color rosewood I've seen. And the flame is not as dramatic as I expected it to be. How is the rosewood on the one's you've gotten? (Unless it...
  7. larrykwilliams

    Laminated Fretboards?

    I am considering at 2014 "120th Anniversary" Firebird. Do any of you know if this guitar has a laminated fretboard?
  8. larrykwilliams

    NGD - 2018 Les Paul Classic - Pelham Blue

    Just in. I have never owned a Gibson with P90 pickups. So, this will be a new experience for me. This thing is Heavy! No weight relief. But that's OK. So, It's 10:45PM, I can't plug in. But tomorrow night I plan to run it through some wattage. Gibson build quality is really great on...
  9. larrykwilliams

    Pickguard sticker -- what do you guys do with them?

    I just got my 2018 R9. It has the Gibson Custom sticker on the guard. My 2009 and 2016 did not have that on them. I hate to lose it but realize it can't stay there. So what do y'all do with that sticker? Here is my new 2018 on the left next to my 2009 Ltd Ed R9 on the right. And here...
  10. larrykwilliams

    NGD - 2009 LTD ED. Faded Maple Leaf R9

    It is here....and magnificient! And, here is the COA -- not a chambered body!
  11. larrykwilliams

    NGD - 2009 LTD ED. Faded Maple Leaf R9

    On the way. Should have this on Thursday. After a visit to Songbirds museum in Chattanooga yesterday, I can't get 'bursts off my mind.
  12. larrykwilliams

    2017 LP Traditional ( Sweetwater edition )

    I had been searching for a LP to go with my R9 and my '76 BB. I thought I wanted another Historic but figured something different would be better. I decided on this Traditional (Sweetwater edition). The Sweetwater gets AAA Top, '57 Classics, top hats with pointers. 8 lbs, 7 oz!!!! This...
  13. larrykwilliams

    What is the story on the LP Studio Deluxe?

    http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-les-paul-studio-deluxe-iii-ex-electric-guitar Not that I need another guitar, but at today's price of 1199.....hmmmm Does anyone know the story on this? Gibson does not list it.
  14. larrykwilliams

    2010 Les Paul Custom construction?

    Does anyone know for certain if the 2010 Les Paul Custom from the Gibson Custom Shop have a weight-relieved, swiss-cheese, body? Also, is the fretboard still Ebony in this particular year?