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  1. LeonC

    嗨,大家好,我是来自中国的les paul爱好者。

    Beautiful Les Paul. Enjoy for many years. 美丽的Les Paul。 享受多年!
  2. LeonC

    Wrap tails lets see what you have any flavor !

    '61 Epiphone Coronet 2013 Benchmark series '54 Oxblood I've also got a '63 Epiphone Olympic (Melody Maker) too...no photos. It's a great guitar but was modified when I got it (P90 in neck, HB in bridge).
  3. LeonC

    It's been awhile..NVGD. Apologize for the indulgent pic overload.

    That is a fabulous looking specimen for sure. Congrats -- looks like a great guitar! I've owned a '61 (3+3 headstock) for years. What an incredible playing (and sounding!) guitar.
  4. LeonC

    What ToneBender model did Jeff Beck use on Truth/Beck-Ola ?

    If you haven't seen this, it's pretty fun/interesting. It was an odd, transitional period for JB: Jeff on a BBC show that came out in '74. Closeup around 6:16. Looks like a later Colorsound version. Of course, he wasn't using this in the late '60s. Presumably, he was using what was available...
  5. LeonC

    Michael Allsup Of 3 Dog Night playing a 1970 Black Gibson Les Paul

    Yeah, he was a great, really under rated guitarist. Always played to the song.
  6. LeonC

    What have you bought guitar-related in the last 48 hours?

    None of it has arrived yet, but I bought some new tuners for a Strat I bought a couple weeks ago and also a bunch of single strings (.009 and .011s for my strats, and .010s and .013s for my Gibsons) for those relatively rare occasions when I break one.
  7. LeonC

    Humble Pie 1971.

    Was lucky enough to catch them twice at the Eastown Theater in Detroit with the original lineup. They put on probably the most intense display of sheer rock power that I've ever experienced! Loved their version of "I'm Ready" where everyone takes a turn singing. Fantastic!! And Frampton's sound...
  8. LeonC

    A Rare One....

    I've got a friend with one of these. He restored it from a state of disrepair as well. He told me it was one of the most difficult amps to deal with that he's ever encountered...very difficult to work on, apparently. He also remarked that it sounded absolutely fantastic after he got everything...
  9. LeonC

    Which caps to replace Astrons in tweed amps?

    You'll probably get as many opinions/approaches as you get replies. We all have our own priorities. I'm much more of a player than a collector. I'll typically concentrate on getting the amp sounding its best. I always save the parts I've replaced in a baggie and label them. So if the day comes...
  10. LeonC

    The Dog Thread

    Our pooch, Violet, also has a thing for "Mr. Squeaky." She'll challenge me to game of "catch me if you can" at least once a day, running through the house like a maniac with Mr. Squeaky in her mouth, squeaking away. She also loves grabbing him right before each meal and biting and shaking the...
  11. LeonC

    The Dog Thread

    Here's our 3 year old, Violet.
  12. LeonC

    NGD! Les Paul Standard 60s Ice Tea

    Dayum! Drop Dead Gorgeous!
  13. LeonC

    What have you bought guitar-related in the last 48 hours?

    I bought some tubes and some resistors for an amp I'm working on. I also just bought a Yamaha THR10 after watching a video of Philip Sayce shredding through a little THR10 with a great sounding Strat. I figure it might be a great tool for quite practice and play-along and for the 190 bucks I...