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    Guitar Karma featuring Joe Bonamassa.

    Required reading before going on: http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?178259-An-evening-with-Joe-Bonamassa&highlight= http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?185145-An(other)-Evening-with-Joe-Bonamassa!&highlight= Long story short: During my first meeting with Joe B...
  2. LPCollector

    An(other) Evening with Joe Bonamassa!

    The last time Joe Bonamassa came to Portland, was an amazing evening! If you don't remember, or didn't read it....please go here as it's history is important to the story I am about to tell: http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=178259&highlight=LPCollector A heartfelt Thank you...
  3. LPCollector

    NAD-Fargen MiniPlex MKII

    I just scored this little fire-breather of an amp. :applaude I wish you could be in the room to hear this thing, it's thick and chunky. Definately, lives up to the reputation. Here is a very rushed clip, in meter and time spent working on it...
  4. LPCollector

    Stinger V Custom and Stinger Acoustics

    As "all things Stinger" that I like to think that I am, I have to admit that I have never fondled a Stinger Flying V Custom or a Stinger J-45, SJ-200 or Hummingbird. Does anyone have one (or more) of these beauties that would like to share their ownership experience with us? Pics too, please!
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    Happy Birthday Vic!

    A heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend, Vic DaPra!!!!! :salude :salude :salude ~Mark
  6. LPCollector

    Guitar Center suprises!

    In November of last year, I purchased the last Burst Brothers/Stinger R8/R9 that they had in stock in the entire country. I live in Oregon and the guitar was located at the Nashville store. During the purchase process, we found out that the guitars COA and case candy had gone missing somewhere...
  7. LPCollector


    A week or so ago I picked up a Hughes & Kettner Tube Miester 18. A very cool little head........for a "modern" voiced amp. DI (Red Box), quad stage power soak with silent recording capability, and an auto biasing system that keeps the tubes continually baised. Shimmering cleans and enough gain...
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    An evening with Joe Bonamassa

    First of all, I would like to thank forum Brother, tjhemp, for inviting me to join him. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I am grateful. Hemp and I arrived at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, with guitars in hand, a little early. Hemp is toting his Bonamassa Studio, and I the GC R8/R9 Stinger. As we take our...
  9. LPCollector

    NSD....New Stinger Day!

    :wave: 8lbs 6oz :jim
  10. LPCollector

    Braz R8 Stinger!

    This baby just found her way to my house. Everyone................this is Janis (as in Joplin). She has earned her name due to her soulful voice.
  11. LPCollector

    Real Feel at Mark's.....

    I just noticed he had one and it's on hold.....did anyone here get it?
  12. LPCollector

    HM's customer service....

    Just f'ing ROCKS! I ordered two sets of Uncle Lou's premium tuner tips on Friday....they arrived today (Monday)!!!!! That's just great service.....nice work Kim! :applaude Remember...HM is in Florida and I'm in Oregon...about as cross country as you can get. I actually thought the package...
  13. LPCollector

    3 Brazilian Hotties!

    I'm always game for posting pics............. I'm sorry that you guy's have to suffer thru this when I do it....Thanks!
  14. LPCollector

    Volume Pot Mod!

    I have replaced pots and caps in most of my guitars with both RS Guitarworks "Vintage" and "Aged" sets........with pretty good results. However, I still had a tonal change when turning down the volume pot. My good friend and Guitar Tech (I5studio) came up with a very cheap mod that REALLY works...
  15. LPCollector

    Reflectors and Double Rings..Braz porn!

    Ok, I was informed by the American and Canadian Reflector and Double Ring Police......that my Braz R0 was wearing unapropriate attire. As to not get cited, I dressed "Woody" properly! ......also pictured with Woody are his girlfriends Roselita and The Diva. Woody the Braz R0 03 Brazilian...