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  1. Maplehead872

    Pickup Question - LPB7 2002

    If I remember right in ' 02' the R8 & R9 were getting the new burstbuckers 1 & 2's & some were bb2&3s , the early '03' LPB7 still had the 57classics in them . I bought a later '03' LPB7 and it had bb1&2's in it.
  2. Maplehead872

    The Big Al Good Mojo thread

    Hope & prayers Big Al ,hang in there!!
  3. Maplehead872

    Looking to buy a 57 Les Paul custom - sitting too long?

    The 786 represents all R7 guitars built up to that point, R7 goldtops , R7BB's R7 Juniors and R7 specials at the custom shop.
  4. Maplehead872

    75 LP Deluxe - tuners?

    Should be double ring tuners!
  5. Maplehead872

    Original Weight vs Custom Historics

    1952 Goldtop 8lbs 14 oz. 2003 R7BB 9 lbs 14oz. 1975 Deluxe 9lbs. 12oz. 1979 LP recording 11lbs. 1 oz. All sound great to me.
  6. Maplehead872

    Listing modern day guitar heroes

    Johnny Hiland John Antonopoulos Redd Volkaert. Albert Lee.
  7. Maplehead872

    2001 Les Paul Custom 1957 RI

    Congratulations !!! I have a ' 03 ' LPB7 , great guitars MSSC harness with bees Electric City pickups RD59 Low winds love the Grovers so they stay.
  8. Maplehead872

    Les Paul Recording

    I have a 1979 Les Paul recording and the original pots for the Volume , Treble, Bass and Decade are from 1976. The pickups that were put in the Les Paul recording ll are Hi Z pickups with a transformer in it to convert it to Low Z opposite of the original Recording model. The original...
  9. Maplehead872

    1975 Les Paul Deluxe - Victim of 80’s Body Modification - What’s it worth?

    Big Al , I will say i respect your knowledge on guitars but tell me why nope , nope, nope is your reaction to the information I have here. The Pancake body was made in Kalamazoo the maple neck was possibly made in Nashville but I doubt it and the harness was made in Williamsville NY on the...
  10. Maplehead872

    Peavey duel 212

    I have a Peavey duel 212 and would like to know what kind of speakers are in it;and where the impedance switch should be 4 8 or 16,the s# on the speakers are 6794440029-61 on one and the other is 6794440466-61, on the cone itself has 1256 I 70777151 8 ohm. GREAT GREAT amp and I use this amp...
  11. Maplehead872

    LPR ?

    Would anybody know if the LP recording 2nd version (''79 ) has the long neck tenon? I find these guitars very,very interesting and don't want to take that type of pickup out.
  12. Maplehead872

    Norlin curious

    In 1975,(just taking a guess here) when the Nashville plant first opened up,did Kalamazoo and Nashville both use the 99 prefix oval decal method? And if thay did how can you tell which plant it came from?
  13. Maplehead872

    Prowd owner!!

    How do you like the guitars I'm trying to wear out? Love 'em all. http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/bc/41beeaf0_900c/bc/les+paul/PB020120a.jpg?bfeMvvBBTa_.ezr1