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    My Current Les Pauls

    Nice collection. Istarted out with a 2015 LP Deluxe too. I see you swapped the pickups out from stock which is a good call! I've got P90s in there at the moment but likely to go back to the vintage style mini humbuckers I bought.
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    Neck tone control not working

    Check the ground wire connecting to it too. If it's not grounded it won't work.
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    I just got me Mesa Boogie Mark 5:25 1x10

    I had no idea they were so tiny! My Studio .22 is about the same size as the Blues Jr. Hope it stands up well to your jam although I'm sure it will!
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    Preferred locking tuners for 50s Les Paul Standard (Kluson style)?

    I think it's listed there as the MG string post option (because that's all it really is that locks them). I can see loads of European retailers with them, I got them from Thomann but can't imagine Gotoh would do a European only product.
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    Preferred locking tuners for 50s Les Paul Standard (Kluson style)?

    I have the perfect thing for you. I installed the Gotoh SD90 MG SL locking tuners on my 2015 Deluxe which I replaced the robot tuners with. You wouldn't know they're locking unless you were stringing because there's no thumb wheel behind them, they work by locking as you turn the key (so part of...
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    Tone turds ....

    I love that top! :ROFLMAO:
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    thoughts on 1974 custom??

    I was just coming in to say that for European pricing that's pretty good, even considering what is missing or has been done. I'm pleased you bought it and got it home! I spent a little bit less for a '72 that had a lot more 'wrong' with it; a headstock break and refin although it did have a...
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    London Les Paul Set up recommendations

    I'd also recommend Joe White down in Ash Vale. Did an excellent job on the last two LP's I bought second hand and needed some TLC. He's another guy who has rubbed shoulders with and worked with lots of stars but his work is excellent. https://www.jwhite-guitarworkshops.co.uk/
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    Partscaster Build - '50s hardtail strat

    Hi folks, I wanted to share a build I've just completed and am really proud of. I've had a love/hate relationship with strats - I find them so comfortable to play and love a lot of strat tones but when I get my hands on them struggle with skinny neck and bright, harsh tones. I sought to build...
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    Boogie in a box?

    The only thing I'd flag about the V-Twin is it's based on the Dual Rectifier type sound and therefore not the Mk series you mention wanting in your first post. Appreciate it must be hard tracking gear down in Turkey, especially something fairly niche like this. That said I've bought and sold MB...
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    Boogie in a box?

    Where are you based? I'm surprised there's no Studio 22s around, there's always a few for sale in the UK and Boogies are relatively rare over here. I also have a Studio preamp which could achieve the same thing if you had an amp with an effects loop return or a power amp to use with it.
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    Reverend Greg Koch Gristle 90 Model

    Gorgeous. Reverend make some great looking guitars but this is pick of the bunch. There goes my morning watching YouTube videos of it.
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    OD advice

    The Sugar Drive is based on a Klon which is a darker sounding OD and should do what you're hoping for. My one warning would be playing at bedroom levels makes it very hard to avoid that harshness on a Blues Jr, even with a pedal like that. I've got a tweed Blues Jr III and a Klon-like pedal and...
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    Four Bursts

    Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing.