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    Throbak KZ115

    Think so? I’m not sure. I mean, both are obviously British, but their response, tonal spectrum, etc all are different to me. The CP especially…it’s almost more of a blackface Fender than a Marshall.
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    Throbak KZ115

    Hiwatts are criminally underrated. Marshall’s get most of the love in Les Paul circles, but I’ll take a Hiwatt over a Marshall any day. Over anything, really. Love love love them.
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    Throbak KZ115

    Of course you may- it’s my Hi-Tone CP30, a 30 watt replica of Townshend’s classic Hiwatt CP103
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    From 'God' to Rolling Stone Whipping Boy in One Generation

    Rolling Stone writes the most predictable pastiche pieces and plays favorites so hardcore, it’s nauseating. No really, RS- tell me how the latest Bruce Springsteen album is the greatest thing since sliced bread- and the next, and the next (no knock on Bruce, just RS).
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    Throbak KZ115

    This is me playing my set- love em
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    anyone disappointed that their Les Paul Historic is a pre 2013 ?

    I don’t get the feeling most people would publicly admit to feelings of regret about something like that. Or they’d sell it before they’d say anything.
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    Boutique PAF war: Holmes - Throbak - Ox4

    They’re lovely- the Rewinds have a metallic chirp low-mids that’s quite unique, and the SLE’s are juicy and compress easily in the best sense. My personal preference is actually for the Mojo (Not Mojotone) PAF’s outta the U.K.- they have the perfect balance of compression and brightness, and...
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    Boutique PAF war: Holmes - Throbak - Ox4

    That’s me, by the way. Happy that someone found me independently. Thanks for listening
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    Pickups vs (everything else)

    The “lightweight sounding better” thing has more to do with the wood density that leads to that weight rather than the weight itself
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    are there any ESP guitars which come close to a Historic ?

    Navigator’s. Excellent specimens, hang right in there with Historic Custom Shops.
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    Anyone using Sigil humbuckers?

    Got a video of the Holy Grail set above- they’re stellar. Mine is with NOS wire and it’s one of my top 5 PAF clones of all time. A little less sizzly than Wizz, but brighter and airier than my Throbak SLE-101
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    Throbak SLE 101Pick ups

    I’ve seen a bunch on reverb in the last year- hang in there, you might snag a set yet!