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Recent content by Patek

  1. Patek

    Four Bursts

    If I ever had a burst rep it would be based on that 58 colour !!!!!!! All pieces absolutely amazing
  2. Patek

    '58 Burst in South Africa

    Amazing burst !!
  3. Patek

    My 52 (convert or to convert 2)

    No one will say an original unplayable flappy trap LP is better than a equivalent condition 52 which has had a sensitive neck/fretboard reset and wrap bridge sensitively installed, in 40 years, or 400 years. has anyone ever tried to convert a 52-to-54 or 52-to-56 etc Back to a stock 52 ? I’ve...
  4. Patek

    My 52 (convert or to convert 2)

    I don’t see how a shim in the neck done by HM who are sensitive with the finish, shimming the pups and installing a wrap is butchery. It will sound and play a million times better than a stock 52. It’s an instrument to be played and heard, not to be hoarded, it’s not even mint, nowhere near...
  5. Patek

    Irish burst for sale - what do you guys think?

    Trust me I’m not considering buying any burst. I’m only posting it for conversation
  6. Patek

    Irish burst for sale - what do you guys think?

    was just browsing around out of boredom and noticed this burst I hadn’t seen before for sale in the UK https://reverb.com/uk/item/35306392-gibson-les-paul-burst-1959-sunburst I thought I’d post here to see what people thought because as I was looking through the pics I noticed in the cavity...
  7. Patek

    Quick check if you think this 2012 335 is legit

    Mods please delete
  8. Patek

    1957 Les Paul Special 1960’s Blue Refin

    Absolutely love it to bits !!!
  9. Patek

    Introducing: 1955 restored Goldtop

    Absolutely beautiful. A very fine guitar and a great way to get a 57 effectively for less than a stock 55
  10. Patek

    Valuable information to consider when evaluating the authenticity of a vintage burst

    was it just you couldn’t get on with the 53 neck size/shape? Such a killer guitar!! One of my favourite looking LPs. How’s the fade of the top these days? Cheers
  11. Patek

    How much would it cost to rent a 1954 les paul ?

    If such a service existed, like people renting expensive camera lenses for specific shoots... how much would it cost do you believe to rent a players grade original 1954 les paul per day / week / month / etc for say recording an album. Or the like never seen this before but if it existed, what...
  12. Patek

    Ordering bare knuckle pickups for LP - double cream or double white?

    I want to put a set of miracle man pickups in my R9, and I’ll go for double whites but looking at pics of LPs they look more like cream. I don’t want to contrast the look with gleaming white bobbins on true historic surrounds and pickguard, so should I go for double creams ? Thanks team!
  13. Patek

    Can you ever have enough Les Pauls?

    Discuss ! im not sure.. but I know I’d like more than 1...
  14. Patek

    Warm you hands by this camp fire!... INCOMING! 60th 59 LP Bolivian Orange Sunset Fade

    Not yet NGD, as I have to eagerly wait for delivery now, but below are a couple of teasers of what is en-route to me in the UK (from our close friends in Holland)... Weighing in at less than 8.1 lb, the LP that will be keeping me happy as my one and only, as my real vintage LP had to be sold...
  15. Patek

    The Official 2019 60th Aniv 1959 Les Paul Thread

    Please post all of your:- information / updates pics purchase / NGDs / sightings spec improvement opinions weight data neck feel differences finish / nitro improvements New pickup (Unpotted) opinions Differences you feel the new pots / harness makes Anything else you can think of -...