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  1. Pellman73

    Trying to Figure Out if This Is this a Knock Off...

    yea no nibs. if you just see a fret and the binding doesn’t come up to cover the edge of the fret that is one of the dead giveaways
  2. Pellman73

    I need a bigger couch

    what is the list? I’d like to hear more about all of them…
  3. Pellman73

    Found a NOS/Unplayed 2001 R8 with insane flamed top. What color is this?

    Flies in the Vaseline we are..… sometimes it blows my mind. keep getting stuck here all the time
  4. Pellman73

    Nothing beats a great plain top!

    nice. yea I love a plain top
  5. Pellman73

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    killer top. what are the specs roughly at the 1st and 12th fret?
  6. Pellman73

    Goldtops, well, just because...

    always kinda wanted one of them lazy j amps....
  7. Pellman73

    Duane Hotlanta 29 and Nicky CC24A 111

    man how much is this hide glue thing a a thing? The nicky I believe has hide glue but I don't think the Greg Martin 15 did (2013 vs 2015) it seems like the guitar is so resonant acoustically and its got the go and have a bite nigel tufnel sustain. You can almost see the sound waves propagating...
  8. Pellman73

    Duane Hotlanta 29 and Nicky CC24A 111

    thank you sir! great to hear from you as well! I missed you guys! all the best
  9. Pellman73

    Duane Hotlanta 29 and Nicky CC24A 111

    hey man! long time! great to hear from you-- and as always-- you make me laugh
  10. Pellman73

    Eyeing Gibson R8 2003 Brazil Board with serial number 8xxxx...for 4000 USD

    Im about 99 percent sure they didn't have COAs for a regular R8 in 2003... let alone one that came in that little booklet like that. the back of the guarantee foldout thing should also have a date. I don't think they had those stickers on the PG like that in 2003 either but I could be wrong...
  11. Pellman73

    Duane Hotlanta 29 and Nicky CC24A 111

    thank you ! and yes... 100 percent. I while it seems I collect guitars I don't consider myself a "guitar collector" 😬 ... these are instruments I play. In fact its one of the reasons I love aged guitars. a ding is just more wabisabi art ... does not effect the value. I just have the Duane...
  12. Pellman73

    Opinion..what’s better?

    I'm not an expert but I've had now two collectors choices and one historic makeover and no murphy lab but 3 Gil Yaron replicas, a couple R9's and now two Duane Hotlanta s .... They are all great. The thing about les pauls are there are so many rabbit holes to go down. What are you looking for...
  13. Pellman73

    Opinion..what’s better?

    ha--- CHECK ABOVE this thread!! 🙃
  14. Pellman73

    Duane Hotlanta 29 and Nicky CC24A 111

    PB132461 by peter ellman, on Flickr Hello everybody its been a long time since I posted. I felt I had a couple worth while and some morning Carolina sunlight bringing the flames on these two beauties. I've kinda been on a journey. Corpse knows a lot of it. I'd say back in 2002 it all started...
  15. Pellman73

    PNVGD 1958 Les Paul TV Model Junior Single Cut

    First real vintage Gibson-- Corpse here is responsible. I had been wanting one of these for a good year or two but the right one didn't seem to come up. I think this is perhaps a covid related sale. I guess there IS a silver lining. I heard the spotted salamanders are also thriving due to...