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  1. rays44

    Would this be a mid-69 Goldtop?

    I always looked for "issue" guitars that were priced accordingly. Issues that I found acceptable were re-fins and changed parts. Playability and tone were my primary goals. The enjoyment I have gotten from them over the last 30 years has been well worth it. That said, they will be worth more...
  2. rays44

    Gary Moore.

    Blues For Narada is a song that, for some reason never gets mentioned. Adult chords with a Wes style melody line and Gary's soulful shredding is one of my favorites. Too bad there are no videos. It appears on the "Blues & Ballads" album from '94.
  3. rays44

    Saved $$$ on Refin 1969 Les Paul Custom

    That's the way to do it. Congrats!
  4. rays44

    Any love for Harmonic Design p/u's

    Bought a few models years ago and still have them. The Z90 is a unique 5 pole design (not a P90 clone although make one of those too) and the vintage humbucker is a nice take on a massively cloned design. Always wondered why they flew way under the radar.
  5. rays44

    1980 Heritage Les Paul Elite Burst

    I bought mine in the late '80's and always found it to be a great guitar. I found the Shaw neck p/u to be perfect for my tastes, but the bridge was somewhat brittle. Swapped many p/u's over the years. The '59 Duncan and Shaw were tied for best neck position. The bridge sounded best with a hotter...
  6. rays44

    WD-40 for your Burst ?

    Funny, I still have my SG2000 from '78 but never sprayed the fretboard. Guess it was someone else. Sorry to stray off topic.
  7. rays44

    NGD - 1955 Les Paul Custom

    If you really want to hear that alnico neck pickup in its element, turn a clean amp way up and lower the volume on the guitar. With the right volume pot the tone will morph into a beautiful Fender meets Gibson tone that becomes the definition of unique.
  8. rays44

    WD-40 for your Burst ?

    I've used WD40 since the late '70's on all my guitars. Spray a small amount on a cloth, grab each string and wipe. Never sprayed directly on fretboard. 40 odd years later, never a problem and nice clean strings.. WD pot cleaner works well on scratchy knobs.
  9. rays44

    Value of a 1968 Les Paul Custom, Beat Up?

    I have an early '69 with 1pc body, 1pc neck, long tenon, center seam 2pc top and dotted "i". The only thing that keeps it from being a '68 is the control cavity route (which is actually historically correct}. I see absolutely no tonal difference in the 14 degree headstock pitch. It has 2 filled...
  10. rays44

    Any Love for the `80's Super Champ?

    Rivera was trying to get away from the high power amps and concentrate more on tone. Weren't those super twins rated at 180w? I could well be wrong as I'm relying on what I remember reading in the Fender Amp book many years ago. I spoke with Paul at a NJ amp show many years ago and he was a kind...
  11. rays44

    Any Love for the `80's Super Champ?

    Quick history bit. Paul Rivera was the guy that a lot of studio guitarists went to back in the day. A good example of this is the amp Lukather used on their hit, "Hold The Line". That scorching lead tone was a Deluxe Reverb modded by Rivera. At Fender, he was the R&D guy and Ed Jahns was the...
  12. rays44

    Any Love for the `80's Super Champ?

    The bassman 20 is like chicken lips. Never seen them. Congrats on a great and rare score. I forgot about the Concert and didn't know about the TR2 head configuration. Nice collection.
  13. rays44

    Any Love for the `80's Super Champ?

    I have the Champ 2, Super Champ, Princeton Rev 2 and the Deluxe Rev 2. They also made a Baseman 2 and a Twin 2 (don't own). I like them all for their traditional Fender tone. The weak link in all was the Pyle speaker (all replaced). The Champ and Super champ are gig able with extension cabs and...
  14. rays44

    string through body

    Can anyone tell me the difference in tone between a guitar with a TOM bridge/stop tail and one with strings through the body (like a Tele). It's a tough question because it has to be the same (or very similar build ) of guitar. I still (on occasion) play a hybrid Strat style guitar...
  15. rays44

    Fender Champ 2 on a gig

    For our last job, I grabbed my Champ 2 (Rivera era) and used a 1x12 Avatar open back cab (Marshall style) with a Celestion Gold. This combo matches very well to both Gibson and Fender guitars. With the right setting you can dial the perfect Fender on the edge tone. Clean enough for the clean...