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  1. Reddart

    This is the coolest Historic I have seen in 20 years ....

    The “peppered bowl” burst.
  2. Reddart

    Fixing up my dad's seventies LP Custom

    Whoa, I wonder if that is one of those early Norlin 54 “reissues”? Like 72-74?
  3. Reddart

    So What Is Your Opinion On The 59 Greeny Coming In 2023

    I mean, it’s worth $0 to me….ok, maybe a flight to Nashville is worth a couple hundred. But yeah, I’m sure some would totally be into that. And by some, I mean people with cash burning a hole in their pocket.
  4. Reddart

    So What Is Your Opinion On The 59 Greeny Coming In 2023

    An iconic guitar, that changed hands under shady circumstances (to whom also owned another stolen burst), and now ends up with a weedley deedley guitarist…I think it should be put to rest at this point. But I do not fault Gibson for making a model commemorating the original legacy, and...
  5. Reddart

    Where are they now...

    Hi Randy, I believe you had said before that you weren’t involved in building after 1988? I have a 1989 custom so that would be after you had any info on them?
  6. Reddart

    what the most mineral flecked historic of all times ?

    The lack of pics due to old broken links in this thread is underwhelming. But if a super flecked historic exists, it should be called the Danny Trejo burst.
  7. Reddart

    Epiphone Alnico Pro swap with coil split reverse function???

    Those resistance readings are not out of line with what I had originally in my 2010 Epi Joe Pass Emperor II….not sure what type of pickups they came with then though.
  8. Reddart

    Burst Number 0 0252 ' Dirty Burst'

    They were so uncivilized back then. 😒
  9. Reddart

    Burst Number 0 0252 ' Dirty Burst'

    Probably coil tap or some other kind of pickup wiring mod, I believe they said the pickups wiring/winding was suspect.
  10. Reddart

    Burst Number 0 0252 ' Dirty Burst'

    “She said her Dad bought it in 1967 for £50 after seeing Eric Clapton play one at the Marquee in London, from a shady guy in the alley after the show” 🤫
  11. Reddart

    Termites in my amp!

    Zombie thread…but if I had an amp with this, I’d garbage bag it with a dish of potassium metabisulfite with a little water…SO2 kills all.