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  1. renderit

    I need a bigger couch

    I love the look, but it kinda keeps me from nappin' on it after turkey.
  2. renderit


    You do BONE for TONE. I used to do it on all my guitars. Only then BONE was usually ivory.
  3. renderit

    Found a NOS/Unplayed 2001 R8 with insane flamed top. What color is this?

    I love the look. I have several like it. It ain't flame. I'm goin wit falme...
  4. renderit

    Goldtops, well, just because...

    Wow! Maybe a sweetspot. Biggest neck too!
  5. renderit

    My Fender Guitars

    Wildwood 10 51 Nocaster. Logneck. Cruz Master Design 63 Strat.
  6. renderit

    Tech Pickup Question ?

    Because the strings vibrations are stronger the further from the bridge. Some will rotate to try to pick up a more balanced output.
  7. renderit

    Bring Out Your Clones! (Marshall)

  8. renderit

    Hey Pedal Geeks!

    The Cali 76 just flat out makes everything sound better. No drive added. You notice nice harmonics from the simulated tube compression it nails perfectly. I mean it when I say EVERYTHING just sounds better through it. The Revival Drive can be used to just add flavor all the way up to making...
  9. renderit

    Need some SG advice.

    Don't know about wide necks on SG's. Usually narrower. My 61 reissue is nicer and fuller (depth) neck than a lot I have played. But narrower E to E than an older Paul. My 62 Jr feels VERY similar and is the BEST P90 I have ever owned. Also not a steep angle... And generally pretty nice on...
  10. renderit

    Hey Pedal Geeks!

    Origin Effects Cali 76. Perfect. For ANY amp. Hell, they even make DRUMMERS sound better. Also an Origin Effects Revival Drive.
  11. renderit

    Duane Hotlanta 29 and Nicky CC24A 111

    Aboot time you got yer azz back here bucko. You be careful playin in da woods in SC. I hear ozblots, mountain-run bull sharks and mountain gators are re-infesting da forests there. No telling what were behind the trees you be leanin' your fiddles on... Strong drink and heavy armaments are...
  12. renderit

    A stupid question

    Jeez. No fun here, maybe I bestess move on...
  13. renderit

    does the gold in a goldtop stifle the tone ???

    This is SO correct. Also: Now in the state of Kalifornia you can't legally dump them because they are known to cause confusion and bad feelings. I am so sad I was forced to take all the ones I have. The Princessa (my wife) has offered to sneak them in my casket to get rid of them.