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    Faking Slide Guitar using a Strat Tremolo

    Oh that is definitely whammy bar material with that Strat tone galore! Jeff Beck couldn't have played it any better. It still sounds good and does have a slide vibe to it. But I play like that a lot since I my Wang bar is angled pretty high on my 1998 American Standard. I have the bridge set to...
  2. RhinestoneStrat

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    YAZ to Moe Burge!(y)
  3. RhinestoneStrat

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    No you are not that!!! Especially if you play a Rickenbacker geetar which is the pursuit of your own happiness.☺️
  4. RhinestoneStrat

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    Ok buddy...but make sure you catch some more members for us...especially the ones that are high in Omega 3! ☺️
  5. RhinestoneStrat

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    I just want to say that I think you are an ultra-nice person...keep posting on here my dearest friend!
  6. RhinestoneStrat

    More Hagstrom Viking Jazz!

    Which forum??? Epi or SSO .org? ☺️