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    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    YAZ to Moe Burge!(y)
  2. RhinestoneStrat

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    No you are not that!!! Especially if you play a Rickenbacker geetar which is the pursuit of your own happiness.☺️
  3. RhinestoneStrat

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    Ok buddy...but make sure you catch some more members for us...especially the ones that are high in Omega 3! ☺️
  4. RhinestoneStrat

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    I just want to say that I think you are an ultra-nice person...keep posting on here my dearest friend!
  5. RhinestoneStrat

    More Hagstrom Viking Jazz!

    Which forum??? Epi or SSO .org? ☺️
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    The Tunes Thread...

    Just checked for a related thread...couldn't find anything at the moment. Post your favourite music tunes that you are currently listening to. I bet some of of you are avid music listeners just as you are avid guitar players.✌️
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    More Hagstrom Viking Jazz!

    I wonder if @jwguitar recognizes my Hagstrom Viking Deluxe guitar...we both sure have GRRRRREAT TASTES!!! ✌️
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    The New Format Looks And Works Great!!!

    Well this is something new for this wonderful forum that has been around for centuries! There are now 'LIKE' buttons of various sorts for member's posts...an updated option trending on many other guitar and gear related forums who have updated or upgraded their forum formats and now are trying...
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    Or even rubbing alcohol...works wonders on my Marijuana pipe removing the thick grease. 🤞