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    Why is a post 2013 Historic better than earlier years?

    I’m outside my lane here, but just to get the ball rolling, I think the 2013’s were the first ones to lose the truss rod condom and get hide glue for the fretboard.
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    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    ....so you’re saying there’s a chance 👍🏼 😜
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    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    You’ve just described my secretly wished for dream lifestyle!
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    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    I hear you loud and clear man. The other day I saw a Billy Gibbons custom Tele, with a one bridge humbucker, cabronita pickguard and bound neck and headstock, and it looked pretty fetching and bad ass I have to say.
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    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    I can dig it ... yes stuff like this can become “trendy mean girls” level stuff fast. I thought I was being funny with my initial post for example but in retrospect it comes off as a bit wacky and unhinged ... well it was supposed to be funny :D. If you ever feel like telling us your Tele...
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    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    For what it’s worth I’ve always thought Rickenbackers are super cool!
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    Working Man's Guitar

    I often think that I should get myself a nice Gibson USA model LP, and turn it into my version of a recording guitar by getting one of those 6 way switches in it.
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    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    You are taking it wasay to seriously I think. I took it as if being a bit of a joke. Surely there are some guitars that you find ugly! It’s all subjective of course. Look I was one of those fools that used to think Telecasters were ugly! Well they are still ugly, but wisdom and appreciation...
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    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    There’s something that happens to me when I see a Strat body with a PRS headstock, that is the Silver Sky. It is pure visceral disgust.. don’t know why..the name is vomit inducing too. But I get visions of a Strat with completely inappropriate objects for a headstock, like a gigantic pink...
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    Love how my LP plays, don't like the sound

    Maybe you have 350k pots in there which will make the guitar sound more dull, You can try getting a good wiring harness with good pots and caps. The pots should be selected to be in the 500-550k range. 50’s wiring may help too. Next pickups with more clarity and chime may be needed. I’m...
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    I bought my first Gibson 1959 Historic Les paul last week!!! But...

    Now that’s the work of a Macho Ass Belt Buckle ! And Jay, that’s nothing bro, hopefully you play it enough to risk getting a few more of those ;)
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    Les Paul Recording

    very cool, thanks for taking the time to explain it!
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    Les Paul Recording

    So the originals were made for recording direct, into a desk ?
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    I Named My Les Pauls Today

    Blondie and Bitchface.
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    I don't get it....why buy aged guitar???

    I do think that some relic jobs make the guitars look like someone fished them out of a dumpster. Of course aesthetics, and how they are appreciated, differ, and to each his own. I will tell you that I personally really like a closet classic, to light relic job, as the guitar feels more...