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    J Geils 1958 Flying V

    hey! i don't know how to put in a link....checkout....www.j-guitar.com........very detailed photos of the''v''
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    J Geils 1958 Flying V

    i'll look around for you and see what i can do,,,,photo-wise. sounds like a cool project........i have a million old guitar magazines!!!!!!!:)
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    Partscaster Build - '50s hardtail strat

    congratulations!!! what a beautiful strat!!!!! the classic look......so great!
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    Could this ’59-style Burst be another Kris Derrig?

    i've known Jim...forever...when he worked at the'' world of strings'' in long beach. i was around his shop on artesia ,,,in redondo beach when Kris worked in back.....the wood on the top of that guitar looks like a derrig.not much else. way back when Howie had his original ''guitars r us'' on...
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    Could this ’59-style Burst be another Kris Derrig?

    try ....jim foote at music works....lawndale california....he was around those early...derring les pauls....way back in the day.
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    J Geils 1958 Flying V

    from guitar player magazine....february...1974....interview with j.....it's an original 1958 model..customized by ed murray of ...e.u. wurlitzer music in boston......it has 4 knobs instead of 3 ,,,,,mother of pearl binding and all gold plated hardware....guitarist ronnie montrose,,,gave him a...
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    Clapton on a Special

    wow!!!! great pics!!!! i love this period of time!!!! that had to sound incredible! and those marshalls too!!!!!!!!wow!.....thanks.
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    Reverend Greg Koch Gristle 90 Model

    wow!!! what a cool shade of blue!!!!! i love Greg....and watch him everyday on youtube......not only an outstanding player,but a very funny and cool guy!!!! we need more people like that!!!! cheers on the new guitar.have fun.
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    Thinking about an SG.

    i have a lot of guitars! but my sg/les paul is ....just the best.6lbs 5 oz.with the slim wide neck...low power paf's....just great....however,,,these are not strong guitars! i'm very careful with it!...but i love it!!!!....i love the neck!!! i keep trying other sg's....new and old...but this...
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    What to expect from a light Les Paul?

    i have a jazz bass that is 8lbs on the the dot.....that is heavy to me .!!!! all of my guitars are light...and they all sound great!!!
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    Where are the beaters?

    i'm playing mine.....right now!!!!!!!
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    old lookin' Murphy Lab Les Paul and...

    oh !!!! this is so great!!!! thank you!!! it really picks me up in these troubled times we are going through!!!! cheers!!!!!
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    old lookin' Murphy Lab Les Paul and...

    i've been around here for a long time now!.....maybe too long!...i loved seeing pics of you playing a 60s v left handed!!!! back in the day! any chance for you to get rid of all these silly sunburst les pauls and going back to theV??????? :):)
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    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    Sunset and Gardner.....was the crossroads for a lot of guitar shops,,,,,back then....Howie had a cool little shop on the next street....Sierra Bonita....when guitar center was across the street. ......Valdez...Bill Lawrence too.