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R and D tech working in Digital audio for Polycom. Love it. Musician and songwriter since the 60's but still gotta have day job.
May 20, 1950 (Age: 71)
Current Gear
2009 Gibson LP Standard
2009 Telecaster Deluxe
2009 Parkwood PW-H4
2009 AmStdStrat with John Suhr P-90's
2012 AmStd Strat with Fat 50's
2010 Epi Casino Lennon Insp
2011 Guild C2-02
1986 Yairi DY-75
1967 Gretsch 6152 Compact Tremverb
1938 Wabash guitar amp
Handbuilt 64 Deluxe Reverb clone
Assorted pedals and digital recording setup.
Previous Gear
Musical Influences
Ray Charles, Bee Gees, Jefferson Airplane, Otis Redding, early Santana, Clapton, BB King, Chuck Wagon Gang, many others.


02 Les Paul Standard
Epi Casino, Lennon Inluenced
American Standard Strat w/Fat 50's
American Standard Strat with Suhr P90's
Custom Hand Made Telecaster
Squier Strat Standard Tribute
Parkwood PW-H4
Yiari DY-74
Fender Mustang Bass
Songbird Hill DelRev Tweed (Handbuilt ABA-864 DelRev)
Vox AC15C1 with a few mods
67 Gretsch Compact TremVerb
38 Wabash amp
Songbird Hill Fender Champ Tweed
Tonelab SE

Life is a brown eyed girl in a halter top.