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Recent content by talpa

  1. talpa

    The Dallas Guitar Show Is On: April 30-May 2nd

    live in D - going w/ my cuz. looking for p90 & paf planks.
  2. talpa

    '02 C.S. '67 Flying V w/ Vibrola Reissue ?

    Legit SN type/placement, or just a doctored USA ? Can't remember if some CS cases have white lining. No candy/certificate. - thx
  3. talpa

    slight loose play between pickup & mounting ring -

    Can Dan or a member share the proper way to eliminate some slight play that has developed between the bridge PAF & it's mounting ring..about 2/64" max. No damage etc. but now get that annoying clack thru a cranked clean JTM plexi setting if I hit it just so..'62 LP/SG reissue. Is there a soft...
  4. talpa

    how to notch nylon ABR-1 saddles ?

    those nylon ABR-1 saddles just came off backorder at partsisparts decided to replace on my '62 LP/SG reissue, the GC model w/ stock Grovers. maybe get closer to the Cream tone can someone assist me what is the correct method to notch nylon saddles (if required) ? tks
  5. talpa

    Thats a '58 right ? (Kinks content)

    jeez...(some good closeups too) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h1oRP7FfBw u reckon it got a little finish checking after that shoot ?:wow way to go Dave...
  6. talpa

    50th R8 Murphy low E saddle stabbing my palm

    Just snagged a great deal on a 50th R8 - arrived yesterday, dropped in new set of SLE-101 Ltds killer tone now. However, The low E saddle has that sharp point where the angled edge meets the back part of the saddle...it is jabbing my palm mercilessly. It seems these are a new design saddle with...
  7. talpa

    68CA-Mel Galley/Trapeze (Hot Wire lp) tone

    Well I finally got my Mel Galley fix, scored an early '01 ebony 68CA today at local Houston GC. This is my 2nd LP, last one I sold in 1991 (traded my new '90 pre-historic killertop + '66 beat strat for a vintage '55 strat in orig. cimarron red). All this done at Charley's in Dallas where I had...
  8. talpa

    HELP..Need Dan Erlewine contact info pls >

    Does anyone have his Ohio repair shop email address ? I gotta problem on a vintage axe...tks. JSA