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  1. The Wedge

    String spacing on Special w/wraparound tailpiece

    Hello everyone! I am looking to buy a new Special and noticed varying string spacing at the tailpiece in some pictures. Attached is an example. What would cause this? Defective tailpiece, poorly cut nut, or is it just a matter of seating the strings correctly when putting them on? thank you for...
  2. The Wedge

    My 2009 Traditional

    2009 it is amazing I give it mojo and it feeds off of me and I feed off of it mine will be like excalibur one day with amazing tone and beauty one of the greatest to survive worth 5 million at least
  3. The Wedge

    Vintage Old Stock

    hahahah I've been looking into getting an historic so I've been doing a little homework. Checked out the Guitar Center in Langhorne PA and it was pretty funny. These guys don't know anything. I asked to see a G0 and he had no idea what I was talking about. I asked for a 1960 Reissue and he...